Clarion Call – Cody Roberts

Clarion Call

Sep 12, 2019 7:31 PM
Cody Roberts


Surely, you have not forgotten that ALL things come from Me.

Tell Me that you have not suppressed all that I’ve called you to be.

Am I not still, the Ever-lasting God?

Remember the miraculous feats I accomplished with Aaron’s rod.

Bear in mind all the matriarchs and patriarchs
I’ve raised in seasons past.

Dwell upon all the historic deeds that have surpassed.

If I provide for the birds of the air and the fish of the sea,

How much more do you think My own children will get from me?

Rise up, and behold the Great I Am is within!

Fight against the enemy, do not fall prey to sin.

Be the example, and judge rightly.

Do not lower my righteous standard, even slightly!

Lead My people and tend to the flock.

But do NOTHING apart from My Ruach.

Keep My commandments, and live for My name’s sake!

You are in this world, but you must not partake.

You are holy, for I am holy.

Place all of your love and trust in Me, solely.

Follow My statutes, and know to whom you belong.

With an illuminated path, My Word will never steer you wrong.

Long to see My face, yearn to know My heart.

Desire to know the deeper things, and come be apart.

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