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Clarification: Terminology of Fallen Angels – April Denise Stefko
Title: Evil Siren
the classic version of the siren, they were depicted as half bird, half woman. but after searching the link, i found that they were also depicted as evil versions of the mermaid, set out to lure sailors to their deaths

Clarification: Terminology of Fallen Angels

January 11, 2022 4:56 PM
April Denise Stefko

Received 1/22/2022

“Marine spirits are spirits of fallen angels. Please tell the flock this information. Some of the fallen angels are under the sea, some are under the earth. All of them are physical in form. They have the ability to send their spirit to people. The marine fallen angels are called demons. They steal treasures from people. The ones under the earth eat children. Sirens are demons, as are mermaids, and other entities people have seen. I’m tired of My people arguing about this topic. Stop quarreling about the enemy; they are not worthy of your energy. ~ Yeshua”

– April Denise Stefko

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