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Civil War, Shaking, Flood and Fire – McKana

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Civil War, Shaking, Flood and Fire

May 11, 2023 2:37 PM

May 11, 2023

Isaiah 13:9(KJV)
Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

The Lord speaks in words, in visions and dreams. Here are few of the many dreams and visions the Lord gave me in the last few weeks. They go with the time we live in.

Civil War
(Dream vision of March 21. 3:00AM)

The town looks in some sort of civil unrest. I went to a neighborhood I have no prior knowledge of. The town is tense, a sign of civil war. I walked around the house, found a long old style gun placed outside by the door of this house facing east. It looks guns are placed outside of each house for the people to use. I don’t know who placed the guns. I pulled out the long riffle from somewhat greenish holster. I walked in to a house where few people are sheltering/hiding. All of them have guns, strangers. I am in the meddle of people I don’t know, they are in the same situation like me. The outside is dangerous, they are rounding up people. Few ladies, in line, rounded up are brought to this house. One of them sat close to me.
Now, I wanted to go home. The way to home is very dangerous. I took the riffle out, pointed it down sort of concealing and walked out of the house. The neighborhood outside is a war zone. When I came out and took few steps around the back of the house , few people with guns came running down. They look the same as the people hiding and taking shelter in the house. They are coming down after an attack further away north west of the same house. The neighborhood is in the middle of civil war. I don’t know who is fighting with who.
When the three people saw me, the two in front sprayed machinegun bullets on me. They shot continuously on me but I am not hurt. Knowing I am under attack, I pointed the riffle on one of them first. White light like a laser came out of the rifle and targeted the forehead of the first dark skinned person. I pulled the Triger, shot him on his forehead and he is down. I did the same thing pointed the white laser on the second one, I shot him on the head and he is down. The third one, a little further behind them came running down, pointed his gun on me. I got him the same way and he is down.

Now I am a killer. This is against the commandment of God “Don’t kill.” They came to kill me, sprayed bullets on me, I have a gun in my hand and I used it. This looks real in life and I am left with regrets for killing individuals I don’t know who they are.


Civil war-A war of confusion where people kill each other without knowing who is fighting with who.
While lasered gun-defense from the holy spirit.
The individuals killed-evil entities.

The Sea Shore Gone
(Dream vision of March 27. past 2:00AM)

We are in a place of ruins, ruins of buildings. The big walls of the building are gone, crumbled. We found ourselves pushing the wall remaining from falling. from one to the other. This one has a crack, it need a push to fall. I don’t know and understand why but we pushed it and it crumbles. The buildings look like buildings like the old Roman empire.

There is a lady standing to the left of the sea shore. She is watchin as if she is giving a command. The sea shore, a chunk of the land just by the sea started falling to the sea. Like a zipper opening, the sea shore is crumbling and falling to the ocean. It is fast, like a person is cutting a paper with a scissor, like a zip is opening, the whole sea shore fall to the sea for a long long distance. The line looks like a faultline. It is a small strip of land which is razed falling down to the sea.

The building crumbling, the cracks forming the land falling to the ocean is earthquake.

But, where is it? God knows.

The Rapidly Growing Flood
(Dream vision of April 6, 2023. 8:00AM.)

There a wide field with trees and green grass which looks like a park. I met few people around a round bench, relaxed. They are friendly and I didn’t stay long. I walked to the east a little further and looked towards the west. There is a big flood coming from a distance from the east. The water is very turbid. The level of the flood is rising rapidly. I want to go back to the few friendly people I met for company and decide what we can do. Before I go back to them, the flood has reached my waist. I struggled out and ran to the west away from the big flood. I hear some people, in the neighborhood towards the south in some elevated land, making noise and shouts. Then a hug number of wild racoons come running away from the flood towards us. The are running very, very swiftly fast for their life. Some ran to the west, some to the southwest and some to the northwest away from the flood. The don’t mind of anything in front of them but run very very desperately in fear away from the flood behind them, This was very scary to see squirrels of different size and age running from the huge flood.
I am in the Midwest, It looks this is the flood of the tsunami from the Atlantic, I felt.

Wilde and big fire nearby
(Dream vision of May 7, 2023. past 2:00AM. 5:40AM)

I am awakened by an attack and chaos from the same evil elements. I was sleepless, depressed, tormented and angry that this attack persisted for long. I am awake tormented for an hour. While I am struggling to have some rest, before I wake up at 6:00AM, I saw a vision.

In this vision, I see fire in the woods. To the east of where I am, I see an intense fire. I don’t know the cause of the fire but the fire is towering up encompassing wider area. I see the treed nearer to where I am catching fire. It is a big intense fire.
I wondered I am seeing a vision like this through and in the middle of the pain and the torment from the attack,

Lord have mercy.

The “SON”-Shining Like the Sun on me from the misty sky above!
(Dream vision of May 9, 2023. ~3:00AM~5:00AM)

This part is for those who have been sufferings from spiritual attacks which are getting sever by the day. The Lord is watching, be comforted.
I was tormented throughout the night, sleepless, bad, very back attack. I am awakened from the sever attack at ~5:00AM. Almost quarter to 6:00AM, my eyes are closed but awake from the sever attack and chaos, I made my point with hurting small voice, kindly and asking for mercy saying “Why all this Lord, why do you leave me?” I said that two three times. I see directly high above me, in the sky bright light like the sun. It looks like the sun but this is the “SON.” It is misty above, not clouds, misty. I see through the misty sky the bright light from the Lord like the light of the sun. I felt better, comforted a little and suffered the morning to wake up at 8:00AM with no good sleep and no good rest. This has be going on, on a daily basis since the middle of 2014.

Repent, Repent, Repent.

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