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Civil War In The Nation And In The Church – Bro. John in Mo.

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Civil War In The Nation And In The Church

November 13, 2023 5:17 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, to all the Saints of God. Back in 1984, the Lord spoke to Dumitru Duduman, warning him that before Russia and several other countries attacked America, that there would be an internal revolution (Civil War) in the middle of the U.S. started by the Communists. As most of you now probably know, several months ago they indicted President Trump for supposedly having classified documents stored at his home in Florida. Now they have many other different charges against him, and he very well may go to prison if the communists have their way.

There are now many on the left, and on the right, who are calling for violence against one another, in other words, they are trying to start another Civil War. Dear Saints, with all that is happening now between the U. S./ Russia, and now with the Mid-East being nearly at a boiling point in all out war, I believe that the prophetic word given to Dumitru Duduman could now happen soon, meaning a Civil War right before Nuclear War here in the U.S.A..

I felt led to share a prophetic word (actually just two words) that the Lord spoke to me probably around eight years ago. I was on my knees in my living room, praying with my head resting on the end of my couch. I do not remember what it was that I was praying about, but as I was talking to the Lord, the Holy Spirit suddenly interrupted me and said: “MATHEW BRADY” I paused for several seconds, but then went back to praying, and then it happened again. If I remember correctly, this happened about three times, the Lord speaking to me just two words, the name: “MATHEW BRADY

I wondered to myself, “Why in the world is the Lord speaking to me about a sculptor?” (I knew who Mathew Brady was, a famous photographer back in the 1800’s, but in my mind I had confused him with “Fredric Remington” the sculptor, and artist, famous for his artistic paintings/sculptures of the Old West.) After I finished praying, I went downstairs and got on my computer to do some additional research on “Mathew Brady.”

After I typed the name “Mathew Brady” into a search engine, I clicked on to the first website that was listed, and when I did, I saw an actual close up photograph of dead Civil War soldiers laying all over the place on the ground in a battlefield somewhere. When I saw that, immediately I knew exactly what the Lord was trying to tell me, as I felt his presence come upon me. He was speaking to me that another Civil War is coming to the United States of America. I as well as many others that are also prophetic have known this for many years now. This Civil War that I’m speaking of is quickly approaching in the natural world.

But there is another Civil War that I have been strongly impressed upon by the Holy Spirit to warn of…and that is a coming Civil War in the body of Christ…meaning a Civil War in the Church. The Lord has NOT spoken to me by a word about this coming conflict in the church, it is more like a heavy impression, a kind of a ” deep spiritual gut feeling”

I am very sensitive to even the slightest change in the spiritual atmosphere, and it’s not been a SLIGHT CHANGE that has happened of late. NO.There has been is a MAJOR CHANGE IN THE SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE, and not for good. I am sensing a spirit of riot and violent conflict coming among professing Christians all centered around the war now going on with Israel and Hamas, and the treatment of Palestinian civilians by the I.D.F.

As I have been stating in my past articles, I now personally believe that Satan has already been released, and a spirit of war and Satanic insanity is rapidly spreading across the entire world to draw many nations into not only war against nations, but war against spiritual brothers and sisters…all to the great delight of Satan! I believe the evidence of my stating this will become absolutely undeniable in the not to distant future. It just feels to me like something is about explode in the Christian church.

Satan, as a spiritual being, does his best work in the spirit world, and that is exactly what I believe that he is starting to do right now in the church, creating a Spiritual Civil War. There has always been divisions among believers, even from the very start of the early church. (remember the sharp contention and separation of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15:39) But now with the outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel recently on 10/17/23, total chaos has now erupted worldwide in marches and protests on both sides of the isle of those who are Pro-Palestinian and those who are Pro-Israel.

This is what I feel greatly led to warn about right now, I feel in my Spirit that all hell may be about ready to break lose soon within the Christian churches. Not only between different denominations, but even between those in the same churches. I am speaking of all churches. Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. There have been countless church “splits” for hundreds of years over the interpretation of Biblical doctrine. But what I sense coming is not just disagreements, but I’m also speaking of physical violence… because of one’s stand in regard to the nation state of Israel. (meaning dispensationalism)

I expect great turmoil in the days ahead between those in the church who reject dispensationalism, and those who are in the so called Christian Zionist movement. (I myself, for what little it’s worth, personally reject dispensationalsm for what I believe it is…I believe it is the other “bookend” of the false secret pre-trib rapture teaching, both being created in the warped mind of John Nelson Darby) Jesus warned of these times that are now upon us. Our Lord stated in Mark 13:12 “Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death”

Notice that our Lord stated that “The brother shall betray the brother to death” This not only means physical brother killing brother as it was in the U.S. Civil War, it also mean spiritual brother killing spiritual brother and sister. Dear Saints, please listen to me and take this watchman’s warning to heart. In great seriousness must say the following: If you find yourself starting to get into a heated argument with a spiritual brother or sister, or anyone in regard to Palestine/Israel issue, please take a deep breath and just let it go, change the subject, or just walk away. I believe that is what the Lord would want us all to do.

As I close, two scriptures have been on my heart to share with you in regard to all that I have stated above. The first is Ecclesiastes 3:7 “A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak” In other words, know when to speak, and also know when to keep your mouth shut. The second scripture has been on my mind for weeks now, and I am sensing the Lord speaking personally to me on this one.

Amos 5:13 says: “Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time” Friends, I don’t know if you sense the Holy Spirit right now concerning this scripture, and the condition of the world right now around us, but I certainly do. Be very sensitive and reflective on this scripture…memorize and apply it to the days we are now in, and the even worse times to come. Just as this scripture says, it most certainly now is “an evil time” May we all learn to control our tongue in verbally heated situations, it may prevent us from getting our head blown off. Warning Delivered. May the Lord bless and keep you safe in these perilous times. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.

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