Civil Unrest, Obama

Civil Unrest & Obama Part 1&2 – Caroline Diadem

Civil Unrest & Obama Part 1

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hi friends good to be back on here again
with you how’s everyone keeping and just
want to highlight something
Linda Courtney released a video recently
on what was it called
they’re coming attacks in America and
it’s about the civil unrest that she was
prophetically speaking about and it
confirms a lot the video I’ve had the
videos I have on civil unrest coming to
America as well and I didn’t have any
knowledge of it was really the Holy
Spirit that gave me this video so I just
want to highlight it because I feel it’s
a matter of urgency so if you want to
look at those it’s on my channel the
u.s. civil unrest is one of them and
civil unrest imminent and an
insurrection to boot the other three
videos there’s also one on The Twilight
Zone and that I believe is also about
the civil unrest so please have a look
at those I do think they they confirm
and what the Lord showed me anyway I
have a word from the Lord I want to
share here with you so I’m going to jump
straight into it so this I received on
the 28th September and it was really
with the backdrop of the Saudi Arabia
oil fields had been blown up by Iran and
Iran and Russia are entering into
wargames so anyway while praying this is
the word I got so I’m going to share
this so I felt the Lord say that Iran is
waking up I was seeing the face of their
bearded leader rouhani I think is his
name going to and fro with his cohorts I
see he is engaging in talks my sense is
that Putin is engaging with him and
provoking him to but to believe the u.s.
a is victimizing him and I heard the
word victimizing I sensed that Putin
will use others as a tool in his
ambitious toolbox to gain power the fact
that the two are cozying up itself
spells danger and so I got that so then
I heard a caution about the greens and I
sense these were the Green Peace people
that there is an agenda creeping in here
with this climate change and it is
Albany it is of the evil
manipulating and sending people into
so as the Lord was highlighting this to
me I had to research it afterwards to
find out and I found out a few things
but I need to research it more
anyway I’ll continue check out their
sinister agenda it is being crafted
against us right now
there is much plotting and scheming
going on in secret places some of these
schemes will begin to merge and a
clearer picture will come into view
that’s interesting
their climate change plan has become top
of the agenda it will become their
buzzwords for part of their evil
conspiring z’ don’t be deceived much
don’t be deceived much deception is
shifting about it will only increase as
they cover up their own evil schemes
watch some military bases the military
platforms now I don’t know why the Lord
highlighted it but he did their
surveillance is satellite monitored it
will be complete surveillance and then
the enemy strategy will unveil he will
close in on societies it is a drive for
ultimate power and control men are just
pawns in his game he will shift from one
key player to another as he sees fit now
he the Lord this was talking in
reference to Satan okay so he will
destroy those who who become obsolete
and disposable he is a ruthless task
master using deception and power
masquerading as an angel of light but he
is the Prince of Darkness he is a snare
to men’s souls promising them Liberty
they become slaves of his corruption now
that was interesting because i am i had
another word which i’ll explain in a
minute about obama so i felt this is in
relation to obama so it’s it’s a double
it’s a double thing you know double
message those who strive for power are
most vulnerable to his seductions a
master of lies and deception only those
who walk in the light of jesus christ
his evil snares so that’s what I felt
the Holy Spirit sharing with me then the
Lord also hided algorithms the
algorithms have changed I felt the Lord
say watch the algorithms they’re
changing and I felt I was questioning in
my mind are they weeding out the
nonconformist the unconventional anyone
coming against their agenda now there’s
confirmation of that because I know and
other people I’m subscribed to are you
know it speaking about this now you know
so so the Lord just wants to highlight
that to me and so I before I have
another word here that I want to share
with you I’m just thinking but first
before I do that what I highlight there
about Obama the Lord woke me up the
other morning you’re like really early
in the morning about four o’clock in the
morning or something I just highlighted
these scriptures to me and I said we’re
just jumping off the page and I felt
these are prophetic and I felt these are
for the times that we live in right now
so I just wanted to share this because I
just think it’s I just think it’s really
important and so I just share it’s from
to Peter and I’ll explain as I go so I
just want to jump down because I don’t
want to read the whole lot sorry now
okay from verse 2 so – this is M 2nd
Peter chapter 2 from verse 2 and many
shall follow their pernicious ways by
reason of whom the way of truth shall be
evil spoken of and through covetousness
shall they with feigned words which is
false words make merchandise of you it’s
you know they’re they’re making money
out of you whose judgment now of a long
time does not is lingers not and their
damnation slumber is not and sure that’s
even the Facebook is doing that anyway
for if God spared not the Angels that
sinned but cast them down to hell and
them into chains of Darkness to be
reserved unto judgement and spared not
the old world but saved Noah the eighth
person a preacher of righteousness
bringing in the flood upon the world of
the ungodly
so God saves Noah and then he brings in
the flood on the ungodly and turning the
cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes
condemned them with an overthrow making
them an example unto those that after
should live ungodly I mean what a
generation we’re right in this whole
thing that’s why God’s bringing
judgments and delivered just lot vexed
with the filthy conversation of the
wicked okay I just want to jump down
here now okay but the Lord knows how to
deliver the godly out of temptations and
to reserve the unjust onto the day of
judgment to be punished but chiefly them
that walk after the flesh in the lust of
uncleanness now when I cut got here I
really felt the Lord highlighting these
scriptures about Obama because I felt
that Obama and if you listen to some way
other videos you will get you’ll get the
picture that that my sense was Obama was
inciting a lot of rebellion and a lot of
hatred within America
so but chiefly them that walk after the
flesh in the lust of uncleanness and
despise government
presumptious are they self-willed they
are not afraid to speak evil of
dignities and he’s not afraid to speak
evil of Trump whereas angels which are
greater in power might bring not railing
accusation against them before the Lord
but these as natural brute beasts made
to be taken and destroyed speak evil of
the things they understand not I shall
utterly perish in their own corruption
they shall receive the reward of
unrighteousness as they that count a
pleasure to riot in the daytime and this
has got to do with inciting riots spots
are they an blemishes sporting
themselves with their own deceiving
like almost just mocking and enjoying
what they’re doing with their own
deceiving while they feast with you so
they’re feasting with you but they’re
doing all these things behind the scenes
right having eyes full of adultery with
spiritual adultery and that cannot cease
from sin beguiling unstable Souls so
they’re seducing people he’s seducing
people I heart they have exercised with
covetous practices cursed children which
have forsaken the right way in had gone
astray following the way of balaam the
son of bozer who loved the wages of
unrighteousness this was a prophet who
sold it himself out for money right now
these are well to that water clouds that
are carried it with the tempest to whom
the midst of Darkness is reserved
forever and verse 18 for when they speak
great swelling words of vanity and I
think this will will be key because this
is what’s coming I believe when it comes
back on the scene this is what worked
exactly what we’re going to hear great
swelling words of vanity they allure
through the lusts of the flesh so they
appeal to the lusts of people of human
beings through much wantonness those
that were clean escape from them who
live in error while they themselves
while they promise them Liberty they
themselves are the servants of
corruption so this is what he’s going to
do he’s going to promise Liberty but he
himself as a servant of corruption four
of whom a man is overcome the same is he
brought into bondage so people who are
fall for this are going to be brought
into bondage so this is what if so what
I’ve that’s what I felt now the Lord
walked me up and gave me these
scriptures and they really jumped off
the page at me and I really felt like
wow this is the prophetic time work that
we’re living in I believe that and I I
really have felt that that Trump is
under severe pressure and danger and
I’ve been really praying for him he’s
family and I just encourage you to pray
for him that so that God will delay
anything that’s going to happen that it
will be delayed
and you know and the civil rights and
everything that that would come but I
really felt this was really significant
with it I have another word but because
this has gone on a bit I’m going to put
it in my next video so do please watch
my next video as well and I will
continue thank you so much

Civil Unrest & Obama Part 2


hi friends so back again just to finish
off what I was am talking about so
basically I’m another another video came
to mind that I have on my channel there
I shall maybe put it in in the comments
below in that one as well I was doing
having a chess game with my daughter and
oh we were the were doing a via the
phones on an app and while we’re playing
this game the first words that the first
word that I got with that with my
letters was Obama and then I explained
this in my video and the second word
that I got was snake the third word I
got was Jihad and then at the very the
very when I was playing my lamb my very
last word I had KNG and I was thinking
to myself if I had the letter I wouldn’t
that be so strange and because obviously
would make King right and my daughter
says to me Mom I can’t play this game
anymore because all I have left on mine
on my plate is eyes so I was just amazed
because I thought my goodness you know
so God was really highlighting Obama to
me in that as well so the other thing
was that I wanted to mention was when
that happened I asked the Lord I said
Lord are you really am highlighting a
banner to me and if you are will you
confirm this so the following morning I
opened up the scriptures quickly I was
just trying to find a passage to read a
passage just before it’s gonna work when
I came across Absalom and when I was
reading a little bit about Absalom
I noticed that Obama was in the name
Absalom and so I was like wow I felt
like the Lord the Holy Spirit was
highlighting you know Obama’s and then
the name Absalom when you look at
Absalom he was the son of the King David
and Absalom he usurped David’s power and
well overthrew David for a period of
time and won the hearts of the nation
you know for to himself
and through you know trickery and
crafting this really so you know that
that wasn’t a coincidence I believe the
Lord was really showing you something in
that and so anyway this is the other
word I got so this is the 4th of October
2019 so I just read what I have here so
I believe and I sense that Obama is
inciting a coup that will lead to civil
war now again you come across this if
you watch my other videos chaos breaks
out from all sides it will involve not
just politics but also be a religious
war the stage is being set though these
guys setting up Trump for impeachment
know they cannot remove him however they
are trying to dissolve his power God
shows me this right making him look weak
and disempower him it is a strategy to
take him down
pray for Trump at this time and I really
felt something on my heart and I just
encourage you to really pray for him and
so that there will be a delay in his
overthrow he Trump knows the stage is
set against him there’s no way to win
this type of war that is on the inside
and not the outside he is being
suppressed to every angle that’s why
many of his jobs are only half done
believers it’s Jesus first and I felt
the Lord highlight this now this is a
caution and I felt God really impresses
on my heart as well
it is Jesus Christ first watch
yourselves they are playing a political
game but this is a spiritual warfare do
not enter into their evil game plan keep
yourselves on tarnished from the
political of volcano that is about to
blow so in other words don’t get
involved in you know the Republicans
against the Democrats and start getting
into that political war warfare keep
your robes white keep your heart pure
don’t let the aggression and anger spill
into your camp this civil war will be
ugly pray the glory of the Lord will be
felt the Lord say that to me the glory
of the Lord will be seen there is a
rainbow in the midst of the storm there
are deep layers of deception friends you
uncover one layer then there’s another
and another layers of lies and deceit
friends keep yourself in the love of God
don’t let your heart enter into the
hatred it is not God’s will for you you
will see his glory rise in the midst of
this tide of darkness so that is the
word I received so please give me your
comments and you know give me any
reference videos and things like that
that you you know you’ve been sending to
me I looked them up you know and I
appreciate it and God bless you friends
please keep me in your prayers you know
we’re all under we all get under attack
and anytime I begin to get words from
the Lord I come under spiritual attacks
but I thank you and appreciate you all
and stay in the love and the grace of
Jesus Christ god bless

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  1. gsc

    It was all on point until DT is mentioned. I would think someone in the prophetic who is truly listening to the Holy Spirit would know, that DT is part of the whole distraction and agenda as well. There are many in the so called “prophetic” that are not getting this. There is no political solution to a spiritual situation.

    Honest News Network exposed his affiliation with the Jesuits very well. Time for folks to seriously wake up. Jesus said, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4

    “ALL Ecumenical evangelical preachers, churches, etc. (including politicians), are in agreement with ROME…JESUIT COUNTER REFORMATION REVIVING THE ROMAN EMPIRE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN MODERN DAY PHARISEES …..

    The same Roman Empire that was in power when Jesus was crucified, is the same Roman Empire that’s reviving right now before our eyes. We are seeing how Rome & the Synagogue of Satan is coming together, the same way that we see JESUS being crucified; that persecution is coming to the True Believers of Christ!

    ***According to the Constitution of the United States, church and government are supposed to be SEPARATE!! The government is not supposed to be meddling in the affairs of the church. Under Donald Trump you are going to see a huge change. The same spirit, the same darkness that came in Jesus’ day, is RETURNING. The reviving of the Roman Empire! 

    ***Here, you see Cardinal Dolan, being flanked by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who are supposed to be Democrat & Republican, supposed to be running on different principles. You can see HERE how Rome controls both sides!! When you see Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump flanking the the Archbishop, this should be a shocking thing to you. Don’t sleep like others sleep! 

    ***It was the Jewish Pharisees/Sanhedrin that turned Jesus over. They turned Jesus over to the Roman soldiers. The Pharisees/Sanhedrin, did not want to handle it. They wanted the GOVERNMENT to handle it. They wanted the GOVERNMENT to deal with Jesus. SO, as it is today, you have those whom are hypocrites, whom call themselves followers of Jesus, they really hate us, they hate you and I! They hate the ‘blood bought’ true followers of Jesus! The evangelicals whom support the ecumenical movement, support this union with Rome!! They say the counter-reformation is over, IT IS NOT!!! Do not be deceived!!!

    ***The Jesuits were formed to counter the Reformation. Before that, there were no Jesuits. There was no need! DT is a Jesuit! He’s a committed soldier of the Jesuit Order. Donald Trump has opened the door for Rome to take control..the stage is being set! Since he was a little boy he was attending this dinner with his father.. YOU need to realize what’s going on here!!

    ***While they sit there laughing, they are laughing at YOU; laughing at the people while they put on their charade, plotting against you! The Bible says that, While they feast with you..they are feasting, while they build a TRAP for YOU!! While they are building a SNARE! They control everything! The individual sitting in the middle is said to be the most powerful man in the U.S. He takes orders only from the Pope, and the Black Pope, the shadow government… Let that sink in!!!

    JESUS SAID, That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to the LORD! (Luke 16:15)



    I have observed the behavior, and understand people who have had that which they love or that which loves them taken will react similar to the Lions. This is the root of all evil.

    In the animal kingdom this serves to shape the species to the environment, and without thought they automatically react to triggers which are activated though the sensory organs. At the moment of trauma a record is kept of the surroundings, and will sound an alarm automatically preparing the body to react to save it’s life.

    Prideful men who disregard women are under the control of satan. Mothers who abandon there children, and allow themselves to be treated unequal are under the control of satan. Anyone who uses God’s name to glorify one gender is Satan.

    Jesus has to have a Mother to be born, and you think he would want his mother enslaved, used, beat, children ripped from her arms, and thrown on the street? Left to die this is how they treat me? The truth was silenced.

    We are the Angel’s missing a very important aspect of the trinity. The Father, and Mother combine to sustain life when the child is born. God is life. Together as equal we are God as One. Life is experienced in a body. When our body dies our soul moves to another body, and our DNA keeps memory of traumatic experiences.

    As long as the ox is hauling, and as long as the eagle is soaring, and as long as my heart beats in a mothers womb no man is worthy to speak the word of the most holy unless they were raised by the teaching of Mary, and know as a child Jesus ran to the arms of his Mother. All you know me is by my hand. His spirit lives through Her.

    When a Mother who is constantly being treated with disrespect her wrath builds up, because the Father is desecrating her sacred sacrifice defeating her whole purpose. Burning bush sound familiar?

    WAKE UP MEN YOU ARE GOD THE FATHER. WAKE UP WOMEN YOU ARE GOD THE MOTHER. WAKE UP ADULTS CHRIST ARE THE CHILDREN ON EARTH. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ we are one body, and we are the creators of heaven on earth. Father=Mother=Child=One Almighty. God is Life. God is Love. This is the true trinity.

    Stop being bratty children, and listen to the Mother for a change. I wouldn’t lead you into danger. It is against my nature. My very DNA wont allow it. Even in a thoughtless state I automatically respond to save you from death. I am a Mother. This is my job. Acknowledge me, and don’t make the same mistake. Trump is King Nebuchadnezzar. These are the words of the Lord. Heed my warning, and end inequity once and for all. This will prevent history from repeating itself. Trump has ignored 1000 of letters. I’m counting on your trust. Please believe, and spread my word.
    I mean you no harm. I am that I am. Patience, wisdom, understanding, and forgiveness. Love is a concept. An immaculate one.

  3. Sathya

    It so confirms with my dream I had last year, Sep,2,2018.
    here is the dream.
    We moved into a house . my husband and I just examining the house that if it need any fixing/repairs. I saw few colorful snakes here and there inside house. I was anxious to get rid of these snakes. then there was some one ( I felt he I angel) handing over long glass tube sticks and gave us instructions how to get rid of snakes and also long instructions to how to face future coming trails and dangers of this world. ( after wake up, I don’t remember any of the instructions) . Then we went to see backyard and planning to build compound wall around the house. I saw thru backyard sliding door. There is CEMENT ROAD next parallel to our house . I saw Obama sitting on black rolling office chair with mini oval table in front of him. he is wearing black suit with tie on. Around him 15-20 men in black standing with much respect (almost bowing down with fear position). He is instructing /explaining something to them. He is leaning back with crossed leg, his tie is out of place and very arrogant haughty , mocking look. He leaned back towards us and told can you see how fearful, respectful they are?.. Then he and his team left. After some time one construction company showed up with all the equipment and started building something. I asked the leader of the construction team. What are you doing? He said we are building office for Obama. I was perplexed and told him we are also planning to build compound wall around our house. how Obama will take it? He told me ..never mind. We build your compound wall along with Obama’s office construction then he told Obama had all the wealth of the world . so never mind.. Then I heard lot of commotion on our front yard. I went to see . I saw hundreds of teens digging the ground on the street . they all look angry , rebellious mob culture . I politely asked him, hey babes, what are you doing. they shouted towards me anger tone. we are going to save the earth. hot water is bubbling under the earth. we need to take care of it. I knew it the dream itself these teens provoked by lies and no one could stop. They did more harm to the communities.

    Back yard Obama , , office setup, cement road, Obama’s wealth– > behind scene all work is going on to bring him into power. And he has tons of wealth . but we don’t see it.,becoz it is happening on backyard.

    Front yard, teens, climate control. Earth savers, mob culture  just to distract and people fed up with them and they need to someone to put them under control . by the time Obama will have everything done ready for him.

  4. Excuse me Patricia, you are in the wrong website. We respect the mother of Jesus but we don’t worship people, only God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Mary died like everybody else, she had more children with Joseph after the birth of Jesus, she is not God.

    GSC, you are right. Trump was put in power to bring the civil war. He behaves so bad, that people will accept after him everybody, even a new Hitler.
    I saw in a dream, that he and a woman are double agents.

  5. Marty S.

    This constant Marion worship is both ungodly and totally un-scriptural. She is a sinner saved by grace just like any other Born again Christian. Period end stop. She is NOT sinless, not raised bodily Into Heaven, not co-redeemer, co-matrix. I was raised Catholic but never born again. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There are non righteous , no NOT One. Yes She did have other children, not a perpetual virgin. Remember his Brother James? Please read your Bible and not the Cannon of fallen men’s doctrine. I wish to be kind here but heresy must be addressed. Jesus Christ the only sinless man Son of God, Son of Man. To him be the glory Only.

  6. Marty S.


    I always look forward to your prophetic words of truth downloaded to you from the Trinity. You are a humble and pure vessel used by God to warn the body of things to come . If you ever come to the USA for a visit and come to Jacksonville,Florida my wife and I would be honored to have you stay with us as our guest. Thank you for your faithful service to our eternal King! 😇

  7. Dana

    I keep reading ‘prophecies’ about President Obama being the antichrist. I’ve studied scripture and he DOES NOT have the antichrist attributes. I DO NOT BELIEVE PRESIDENT OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! Folks, study scripture to learn what the antichrist will be like.

    I believe the antichrist will be someone we have never heard of and will come from seemingly nowhere.

  8. Jesse Terrell, jr.

    Patricia, your comments that men are “GOD the Father, and women are GOD the mother” to me are blasphemous. Are these comments monitored?

  9. gsc

    Catherine AMEN!!!!

  10. Jameulyn Tyner

    GSC… I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I’ve been trying to get people to listen especially the ones I know but it’s like it falling on death ears. Thank you for your comment. You said it way better than I would have. Wish others would open their eyes and ears and see what . really going on and use their decerment Jesus gave us. Seems like a lot of people don’t know the difference of listen to the holy spirit and a fimilar spirit. I don’t believe they truly know the difference these days. This is why we stay in constant prayer with Jesus so we know his voice and His spirit.

  11. Frank

    There is definitely a lot of Truth in these two videos. I almost missed it because of a translation issue when I just copied and pasted the text under my voice reader and thought either this person’s drunk or just lazy and voice dictated this and didn’t even try shut it off after about two paragraphs out of frustration but God brought me back around to double-check it i’m glad he did. He definitely spoke to me through the first one and cleared something up a misunderstanding of scripture that has kept me up at nights for the last 7 years I realize now that’s not me he’s not talking to me I didn’t do that. that is actually the opposite of me. I Praise Jesus for allowing me to come to that realization

    the second video she is absolutely right the deception is so deep it’s ridiculous and that is exactly the same conclusion I have come to after studying this stuff the last seven years through prayer and searching the truth by putting all of these conspiracy theories against the Bible
    And no I’m not a profit this is just my own personal understanding so please take it for that just a man please pray on it for clarification for yourself anyway God bless everybody stay close to Jesus and remember all the call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved as mentioned in Joel because my personal opinion and personal understanding is I believe it’s coming and its coming quick!!! And I pray for strength for all of us to do God’s will when the time comes God bless everybody who are in Jesus

  12. Bella

    Obama is the antichrist. He is operating in Absalom. He is behind everything all the division between the parties.

  13. Frank

    Dana and anybody else doubting Barack Obama is Antichrist before I even start this I want to let you know that when he was first elected I heard this stuff and doubt it as well I might come on you guys he’s not the greatest guy but he ain’t the Antichrist well when I started looking into it and praying for discernment I was shocked at what I found I humbly ask that you guys do the same as well don’t take my word for it I want you to try and prove this wrong. Now remember I’m not a prophet I’m just a man who has been doing nothing but repentance and studying for the last seven years in this is the conclusion that I have come to. Buy evidence and putting that evidence against the scripture see what is truth.

    Jesus said in Luke I saw Satan fall as lightning from the heavens Jesus spoke Hebrew or ancient Aramaic the words he actually said was Satan Barack Obama
    Barack means lightning
    Obama means fall from the heavens in Hebrew or ancient aramaic several videos of Hebrew Scholars exposing this. As well as translation dictionaries.
    And it could just be a coincidence or not

    The Bible says in Revelations the final Beast who was is not but yet is
    It also said the Beast of the Sea and the Beast of the land the Beast of the sea is the Pope who governs the papacy SEE /SEA the enemy just changes the spelling to confuse people but it’s the same thing . When dealing with the occult and these devils there secret societies you learn to catch on to their language pretty fast when you study them for a while here’s the Secret if it’s close it counts the papacy see is the name of the County jurisdiction of the Catholic Church who is the false prophet

    and the Beast of the land is the king of Babylon which would be modern-day America which would be the president

    So according to Revelations you have a president who was (president) is not (president) but yet is (president) Obama fulfills that

    Jesus himself said he saw Satan as Barack Obama when you translate back to original Hebrew

    He’s working deceitfully behind the scenes just the fact that he didn’t leave DC and is running a coup against Trump from his bunker down the street from the White House proves that

    as mentioned in Daniel when it said he work deceitfully

    It said he sets up the Abomination that leads to Desolation well now this is just an interpretation so take it for that but that could be remember God wipes out countries over homosexuality and what did America get under barack’s presidency that’s right he set up the legalization of homosexuality the word sodomy comes from the word Sodom which God wiped out because of it so sodomy is an Abomination as mentioned in the Old Testament Deuteronomy law which leads to Desolation of countries and that’s what the Antichrist will be working deceitfully behind the scenes to set up combine that with he said he will not respect the desire of women which could be interpreted as being a homosexual and surprise Barack Obama is homosexual there’s no question look into who Michelle Obama really is you’re going to be shocked at what you learn go watch her dance on The Ellen Show to that song by Bruno Mars song and watch her white pants I think you’ll be surprised what you see come bulging through I hate to be graphic but I don’t know any other way to say it) however another translation of that is it was every woman’s desire was to be the mother of Jesus it’s an Old Hebrew thing that you need to understand Hebrew history to understand that but regardless I think you can see there’s a lot of things that are pointing to Barack Obama being the Antichrist

    And also said that everybody who is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life Would worship the Beast look at the people who are actually in love with Barack Obama there’s a lot of them especially here in California they are straight-up saintness I mean the world loves Obama there’s no denying it that is another qualification there’s a few more that I can’t remember right now but those are some big ones to look into

    But you’re right it could be somebody else but right now it’s really looking like the Antichrist is going to be none other than Barack Obama God bless sister I hope this helps bring some clarification to thanks for reading this

  14. eric

    Amen Catherine 🙂

  15. Dana

    Frank, I skimmed over your post and just do not believe President Obama is the antichrist, no matter what you or anyone else says. Read scripture, and you will see Obama does NOT have attributes of the antichrist.

  16. Dana

    Frank, on further reading of your post, I believe it is false. Frank, you and others need to study the King James Version of the Holy Scripture.

    President Obama is NOT homosexual. About Mrs. Obama’s pants, I’ve seen many pictures of ladies in pants and skirts that look like that. In fact, I have a Princess Diana doll whose dress shows a bulge.

    I don’t agree with all that President Obama did in office, same as I don’t agree with everything ANY president has done. I admire President and Mrs. Obama the same as I admire President and Mrs. Carter, President and Mrs. Bush, and President and Mrs. Clinton. No, I don’t agree with all of their policies, but I consider them all ‘good people’.

    I’ve read many books by and about presidents and their families. That is why I like them as people.

  17. Marty S.

    Spot on Frank! Many people will blindly follow the Antichrist as we all know. Enough said.

  18. Maureen Enriquez

    In 2008 I read about a Christian woman that was shown a vision of the anti-christ. He will come out of Egypt. The other night I was reading some prophetic words from another Christian gentleman & just about fell off the couch when I read his prophetic message about the anti-christ coming out of Egypt! Keep your eyes on Egypt.
    Obama does not fit the criteria for the anti-christ.

  19. Frank

    Marty S God bless. You are absolutely correct all we can do is plant the seed and move on.

  20. Nan A

    Mark 13:21
    And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not:
    My thought is that satan will do and say as much as he can to be like Christ. So, here in Mark 13, we see Christ warning us about His coming, so we won’t be deceived.
    Maybe that old devil satan is putting out “decoys” right now, this close to the end, so we all can say here is “the anti-Christ” or Oh, there he is. Like we are looking for him and not our Lord Jesus. Personally I believe he is out there now ready to take the world stage, but he could very well be hidden to us and using “fore runners” to deceive us.
    Keep your eyes on Christ and Christ alone and we won’t be deceived. We all have our options and yes some ppl may know for sure, as God has given them revelation, but as for me I keep my mouth shut and my opinions are not worth a lot.
    Thank you for letting me comment. I love you all in the Lord and be blessed as we wait for His glorious return.

  21. Anon

    Obama is certainly not ‘a man of fierce countenance’ as the antichrist will be.
    Personally I believe he will just suddenly appear on the world stage seemingly out of nowhere and will not be anyone we have seen or heard of before.

  22. Caroline Wren

    Great comments,
    gsc I will definitely be looking into the info you provided.. The Lord gave me some more information and it appears to lead down that road.
    Frank I ve heard confirmations of what you have said, I don’t know if Obama is or will be the antichrist but I believe he ll rize up again in some fashion. When I asked God if Obama was the antichrist, He said to me “the antichrist will come with fierce darkness”
    Marty thank you so much,.. And for your offer 💚💕

  23. Frank

    Caroline Wren God bless sister sorry I just saw the comment. The truth is we don’t know for sure until it actually comes to pass but I firmly believe Obama’s the strongest candidate right now but definitely like you did I advise everybody to pray for confirmation seek the truth out themselves by studying and asking Jesus and humbling themselves that’s how I was led to this conclusion God bless everybody

  24. MG

    I thought Obama was a weasel from the very start 🤨

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