Civil Unrest, Dream, Vision

Civil Unrest – Jeff Andrews

Civil Unrest

November 18, 2020 4:11 AM
Jeff Andrews
New Zealand

November 18, 2020

I had gone to bed shortly after 1230am, it’d been a busy day. I was reading a book in bed but was too tired and momentarily drifted off, and in doing so had a quick vision.

The vision was of a huge explosion in my home town of Christchurch, in New Zealand. The explosion was not a nuclear explosion, more like the fireball you’d expect from a petrol tanker, in fact a couple of petrol tankers exploding,

but it was a significant enough vision to wake me up with a jolt. I’d forgotten to pray prior to going to bed so used the opportunity to ask God for amplification, or an explanation, of the vision. A few hours later while asleep I was subject to a dream, again of my hometown of Christchurch in New Zealand.

The dream was in black and white and had me in a car at an intersection not far from my house. Civil unrest had erupted, there were gangs roaming up and down the lines of vehicles armed with baseball bats, amongst other things, attacking vehicles. Traffic was bumper to bumper and there was literally know where to go. I locked the doors of the car I was in, three individuals approached and started swinging baseball bats at the car shattering, but not penetrating the window. Curiously I was not in fear at all, and my apparent composure seemed to infuriate the attackers even more…Then I woke up, shortly before 6:30am.

My Comment: While I definitely believe this to be from God I have yet to understand fully the purpose of the dream and the vision. Potentially God warning of a local event, prior to the earthquakes in Christchurch a decade ago I would often get dreams to warn me of significant tremors. But I wondered if this might also be linked to the three days of darkness – or perhaps even the Tribulation. Every corner of the earth will be subject to Gods judgement, there will be no escape, for anyone. I will definitely seek Gods discernment on this one…..

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews


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