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Civil Unrest Imminent! – Caroline Diadem

Civil Unrest Imminent!

Published on May 29, 2019
Caroline Diadem

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hi friends how are you I’m back on here
again fairly quickly and I hadn’t
planned this video actually it was only
that when I was praying this morning
again I felt the Lord highlighting to me
about civil unrest coming so I just
wanted to come on and just share this
because obviously there’s something
going on and it’s imminent and I’m not
in America so I don’t know what’s going
on over there but anyway I didn’t get so
much of a message today as I got kind of
words from the Holy Spirit so I’m just
going to share them with you and I’d to
look some of them up because I didn’t
actually understand their meanings
so the first threat I got was
insurrection which actually means rising
up against the government is a revolt
against the government and lockdown was
another word I got and you’re probably
more familiar in America we’re not
familiar with that word over here but
the term basically means that you’re
restricted from leaving a particular
place or area due to the threat of
so another word I got was time bomb so
that’s obviously a bomb that’s triggered
to go off when it hits a certain time so
related to that I had written beside an
orchestrated time set so I feel there’s
a time trigger on this infiltration by
troops foreign troops I had written down
which is not a surprise I already
believe this I’ve always I’ve sensed it
quite a few times I’ve mentioned it on
my videos in the past about that I
believe there’s already troops in
foreign troops they’re infiltrating M
New York City was another word of god I
got um little fires in many places so I
saw like pockets of revolt errs you know
like yeah just pockets of revolt is just
rising up and causing trouble exploding
with violence and stuff like that
barricades penalties I think penalties
will be issued I have here Trump trying
to maintain control so that’s what I was
kind of seeing was Trump trying to
maintain control with this hate
campaigning revolt errs a game plan
terrorist cells now that was an unusual
word because I thought it was completely
I thought the meaning was different to
what it was so I looked it up and
basically it’s like him you know
insurgency like a orchestrated planned
in insurrection basically – maybe –
sometimes overthrow the government or to
undermine the government or you know to
bring down the government basically
I had the word implode which you know I
think that’s just you know something
that’s falling down from the inside you
know inside rather than working from the
outside and haughtiness was another word
I got so the other words I got this
morning and you know I do believe this
is an in relation to civil unrest again
and I think my video The Twilight Zone
is also in relation to civil unrest if
you want to look at that think there’s a
lot of coding in it I wouldn’t be
surprised that there’s a lot of you know
Islamic and threat comes you know I know
that was in my in that video as well so
anyway I just wanted to just share that
what the Lord is showing me because it’s
two mornings in a row that the Lord’s
been sharing these things at me so I
just wanted to pass on the information
okay god bless you guys and speak to you
soon have a nice day bye


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