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Cities will be on fire – April Denise Stefko

Cities will be on fire

June 15, 2022, 10:22 PM
April Denise Stefko

Transcript: “The time has come, My children. Time spent in slumber is time spent. Time in the secret place with Me is time invested. Kingdom economy is not the world’s, but better. My ways are deeper in the unseen. World markets will crash but the flow of My economy will be alive and well. Those who have sown with clean motives will reap bountifully. I have seen all the manipulative moves against My children, not one has escaped My notice. Heaps full of filth they have brought upon their own souls in My sight. Judgment is coming yet you still play games with My chosen ones as if I’m not watching, foolish. Many believe confidently that they will be protected by Me, but they are deceiving their selves. My refuge comes by way of pure hearts and clean hands. I will have nothing to do with your filth. Look around, see the resources here today? They will be gone tomorrow. My patience is running out as is your food. The scales have been weighed. My wrath IS coming, and you will be here to witness it. Enough of you interpreting My word how you want to. Those who have sought Me for revelation know what’s coming, but those who have tickled their own ears by twisting My word will be petrified. Like a man who has built his house on sand (Matthew 7:26-27), they will be swept away in the torrent of the coming storm. Childlike faith is necessary in the coming days. If you do not trust Me you will fall away. The oxs who have been plowing the fallow ground before you have endured much persecution, but they will guide you as you learn to depend on Me more than you ever have. Little barley amongst so many tares. The wheat will be harvested soon. Guillotines are waiting. Seals are opening. Lifestyles of many are about to be halted. Luxuries will be ripped away like a pacifier from a baby’s mouth; people will be consumed by the carnal nature. Chaos will erupt. Cities will be on fire. Homes will be ransacked. Soldiers will rape and murder. Starvation will be rampant. People will turn to cannibalism. You must not. You must trust Me. You must. – YHWH”

~ April Denise Stefko

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