Church Why Must Hate Flourish & There Be No Unity Amongst The Brethren & Rampant Confusion In Your Ranks? – Only A Grain Of Sand

Church Why Must Hate Flourish & There Be No Unity Amongst The Brethren & Rampant Confusion In Your Ranks?

April 2, 2019

Only A Grain Of Sand

Many of you say you are Christian, you say that you love your God. But you hate your neighbor! How can you say you love your God, when you hate your neighbor? You are a liar! But worse you destroy those that pray and worship in your own church.

Idle words drip from your tongues, fall from your lips in a stream, that never ends. You run to the telephone, you type, you text, you post on your social media platforms. The whispers turn into a roar by the time they reach the foot, the base of My Throne! The destruction of personal reputations is now reaching a crescendo!

You take this filth into the church itself and cast looks at the latest ‘pariah’, those whom you despise, those that you lie in wait for. You lash out at one another, and then pretend your robe is clean before Me? Have A Care. I AM Sees ALL. I AM Hears All. I AM Knows All. And Will Judge ALL! Very Soon!

During The Warning Experience many unrepentant tongues will burn with a fire that has embers of hell in it. Many fingers that have hastened to kill your fellow man and women, will burn with a heat that will cause screams of pain. These fingers could not stop pointing at others in denunciation, rebuke, gossip, slander, calumny, detraction, lies, rumors. Plead My Mercy Now!

Stop And Repent Now Before I Come To Settle Accounts!

The Lord God Almighty

(Note: The Lord gave me a word awhile back about a couple who live in this area. They are both very important in the Christian community, well respected by all, considered the ‘best of the best’. I have never given it to them. The husband is a famous writer who denounced one of God’s true prophets, in one of his recent books, as a false prophet. This volume has been published and read internationally. The wife has destroyed the reputations of numerous people in this region, with her tongue.

The word I was given was that, during The Warning the husband’s fingers that typed the words of anathema, would burn, and, his wife’s tongue would also burn, that spoke against so many, in self-righteousness.

Am I a coward for not confronting this couple, with what I was given? Maybe? But there are many that will not listen. They have built towers, that reach into the clouds. Do not fool yourself, the tongue can be a wicked instrument. The hand can labor in vain, and work iniquity. I am only a grain of sand that sits, on a path close to the steps that lead to The House of God. No one is exempted from this warning. This message is for me also…)

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  1. i agree, vision its come to pass

  2. Loveth Nwokeohuru

    Yeah, the message is for all, including me. But you must try and tell this message to the original people, God has sent you, so please go in the name of the Lord. The Lord will hold countable anyone who have refused to do what he wants him to do. (Ezekiel 3:17-21)

    The blood of these people will be on their heads.
    Me too, am guilty, may the Lord forgive me. I have been trying to summon courage to go on the errand God has sent me too, I too am a Coward.

    Am finding it difficult to go, because I don’t know how they will feel, or how they will handle it.

  3. David Mehew

    About this couple who are talkers. Pray about this – I sense that there is a reason why these two “talk” about others this way. Spiritual issues can only be resolved spiritually by getting to the root of the problem. Anyway, you must begin with prayer, confronting them may backfire if you do not pray.

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