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Church of the Living Dead! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Church of the Living Dead!
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“Woe unto you who call unrighteousness good and righteousness evil! Who walk in the vanity of your mind and are polluted within your spirits! You are clouds without water, vessels fitted for destruction! I tell you this day America, you have shunned Me for the last time, you have rejected Me for the last time. Think it not strange the increase of pressure that is being felt in your nation- that is what it feels like when a nation implodes from within! You are divided, fragmented, and you are broken beyond repair! I will continue to use you for just a little while, till My will is accomplished with Israel. When My plans are complete, I will pull the very foundation of your nation from underneath you! Then how will you stand? Then how will you boast of your swollen greatness? You will not stand but you will fall like all of the other nations who choose Baal and Moloch over Me and My Word! To My Church, I warn you this day to flee the corrupt Churches of Babylon! Seek TRUTH-find TRUTH and embrace it, for it will be your only shelter in these increasing storms!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 14)

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