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Christians…Prepare To Be Put Out Of The Synagogue! – Bro. John in Mo

Christians…Prepare To Be Put Out Of The Synagogue!

August 5, 2021 6:47 AM
Bro. John in Mo

The Lord has been speaking to my heart for several days now, in what I see happening in regard to the great pressure that is being applied for all to take the Corona-19 vaccine. Back in the early New Testament days, the Jews that believed upon Jesus were threatened with being “put out of the synagogue”... meaning that they were excommunicated. (read John 9:22, and John 12:42) The Jews had two types of excommunication, some claim that there were three types, (which one is correct, I do not know) but I don’t think that most Christians can grasp how serious this was to be excommunicated. Among the Jews these were the two grades of excommunication:

The first, excluded a man for thirty days from the privilege of entering a synagogue, and he had to stay at least four cubits away from all people, including his wife. The other type of excommunication, was by far the most severe. This type meant exclusion forever from the worship of the synagogue, and an exclusion from all contact with people. (sounds like being locked down in your home, doesn’t it?) This was called the curse, and excluded this person from all communion with his countrymen, and his countrymen were not allowed to SELL to the excluded person ANYTHING…even the necessities of life. (this sounds like what happens to those who reject the mark of the beast in Revelation 13:16-17)

Jesus, while sitting at the Passover table, he spoke the following words to his disciples, and these words are also VERY RELEVANT to the church of this present day: John 16:1-2These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.” When Jesus spoke these words, he was speaking to his disciples, (the early church) warning them, but I believe this is a dual prophecy, and a warning for the church of THIS day also. To be excommunicated back then was no small thing, those who endured the most severe type, had their entire world turned upside down. This consisted of no buying, selling, employment, and total rejection of family, and friends, and we are now beginning to see and hear of governments talking about implementing these kind of measures, with so called vaccine mandates.

There is no doubt, that something straight out of the pit of hell is inside these vaccines, in order for the governments of this world to pressure people THIS HARD, who have not been vaccinated, to receive the jab. The true wicked attributes of Satan are now shining through, in our U.S. Government, private corporations, and all governments throughout the world. Think about it…just look at all of the WICKED ENTICEMENTS EVERYWHERE for people to be vaccinated. In Nevada, strip clubs offering patrons who show proof of vaccination…platinum memberships, dances with strippers, complimentary alcohol, and limousine service. States offering lotteries, up to a million dollars, to those that get vaccinated, and some places are offering free weed, free beer, etc. Now, it was just announced President Biden is offering $100.00 to newly vaccinated people. This is straight out of hell!

Do you really think that our Lord Jesus would offer such wicked enticements such as this? It is very easy to see the spirit that is behind all of this…and I can assure you friends, it is NOT the Holy Spirit, it is the spirit of antichrist. As always, “The tree is known by his fruit” (Mat.12:33) Satan promises you everything in this world, but he delivers nothing.. but death, hell, and destruction. When you see Satan holding out his thumb hitchhiking, and you are dumb enough to pick him up, he’ll flash you the smile of an angel, as he slides down into the back seat of your car. But he’s only been in the back seat about ten seconds, and then that turkey wants to drive. Friends, I am warning you…do not take this vaccine, there is a madman behind the wheel…and this ride will take you to places where you physically, (in your body) and possibly spiritually (in eternity) do not want to go.

About three years ago, The Lord dropped a couple of terms into my Spirit. The first was “Personal Sanctions.” The other was “Individual Sanctions.” Both mean basically the same thing, sanctions placed on a specific individual person. I had never heard these words before. Then last year, after a couple of years had passed since I received those words, I read an article at, on Dec.18, 2020. The headlines read: “Not “forced” but “compulsory” Brazil’s Supreme Court paves way for SANCTIONS for refusing Covid-19 jab.” I was shocked when I read that. That was the first time that I had ever read an article in print, talking about a government putting sanctions on an INDIVIDUAL! Friends, God still speaks to those who are quiet enough to hear the still small voice. Oh yes, God still warns in advance!

The term that Jesus used over two thousand years ago, warning his disciples in advance, “They shall put you out of the synagogues”.. is still as relevant today, as it was back then. As I said, this was MUCH more than just being “kicked out of church”…in it’s severest form, it was the equivalent of total economic sanctions. No job, healthcare, banking, buying, selling, etc. Now, governments worldwide are now applying PRESSURE to get the jab. (Interestingly, one of the definitions of the word “tribulation” is the word “pressure” in the lit. or fig. sense ) The TRUE saints of God are going to be under GREAT PRESSURE (great tribulation) to resist these wicked enticements, and resist all mandatory demands, from this New World Order trash out of hell. This is what I see coming sooner or later…”Personal Sanctions”/ “Individual Sanctions” on those who do not comply. I believe this is the word of the Lord. Watch for the term: “Individual Sanctions” / “Personal Sanctions” in the future, it is coming. God warned me, now I’m warning you.

Here are some interesting truths that I found on a website, I omitted a few, and added a few of my own. You need to pray hard, and ponder these things, if you are thinking about taking the vaccine: Just think about it….They lied about TOBACCO…they lied about ASBESTOS…they lied about MERCURY FILLINGS…they lied about OPIOIDS…they lied about ALUMINUM in deodorants….they lied about CANCER CAUSING TALC in hygiene products…they lied about LEAD IN PAINT…they lied about FLUORIDE IN TOOTHPASTE and in DRINKING WATER…they lied about SATURATED FATS…they lied about PESTICIDES, GMO’s and GLYPHOSATE…they lied about NATURAL MEDICINES and NATURAL CURES….they lied about GLOBAL WARMING….they lied about the health benefits of SOY…they lied about CHOLESTEROL and STATIN DRUGS…they lied about the effects of RADIATION in ATOMIC BOMB TESTS…they lied about WMD’s being in the COUNTRY OF IRAQ…they lied to our proud NATIVE AMERICANS..STOLE THEIR LAND…AND BROKE TREATY, AFTER TREATY, THEY SIGNED WITH THEM. (Please also remember this: It has been widely reported that the U.S. Army used germ warfare against our Native Americans, by giving them blankets infected with the SMALL POX VIRUS.) To me…the word of our government, corporations, and elected officials is completely and utterly worthless. Why would one even consider trusting know liars?

If there is one thing I can not stand, it is a LIAR. If someone lies to me once…shame on THEM. But, if the same person lies to me twice, shame on ME, for being stupid enough to believe them, after I have already been burned once before. I have just shown you several examples, of how we all have been burned over the years, by these wicked liars. As for me, they can take their jab and shove it. (Someone needs to re-write Johnny Paycheck’s song “Take This Job And Shove It.”) Can you not see that Satan.the father of lies, is coming at you wearing a white doctor’s coat, with a syringe in his hand? The government, and large corporations have been lying to us for many years…now they want to literally INJECT A LIE into the veins of your bloodstream. So why are people, even Christians, (you can bet most all of them are pre-trib ) taking this shot in the first place? It is because they are afraid that they are going to catch the virus, and die! In other words they are fearful, and are going down to Egypt for help, trying to save their lives.

Jesus had something to say about people like this, in Luke 17:33: “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it, and whosoever will lose his life shall preserve it.” You may want to have a “Selah” moment on that scripture for a bit. If you are washed in the blood of Jesus, you do not need to be vaccinated…you have already been “vaccinated” by the Lord himself! Psalm 91:3: “Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence” Psalm 118:8 sums it up very well: “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” A wonderful scripture to memorize in these perilous times.

Are you willing to allow A LIE to be injected into your veins, so that you are not “excommunicated” from all the privileges that we are accustom to, in our modern society? Fellow Saints…all I can tell you is this: Get your spiritual house in order right now, by repenting from all known sin, and iniquity. Go to God in humble prayer, asking him for courage, and faith to resist these wicked mandates from hell. Get physical preparations in order to survive for possibly forty-two months outside of this beast system, until the glorious return of Jesus Christ our Lord. Sooner or later, we who resist are going to experience the New Testament version of being “put out of the synagogue.” Prepare for “Personal Sanctions” tied in with the Social Credit Score.

I remember years ago, on Col. Bo Gritz’s radio program on shortwave, he told the story about when he was a guest speaker at a gun show. One of the things that he said to the audience was: “How many of you people in this room plan on rejecting the mark of the beast, by refusing to be marked on your right hand, or on your forehead?” He said every one in the room raised their hand. Then, he stated: “How many of you have a mark placed on your right hand, right now, at this very moment?” Very slowly, and reluctantly…everyone raised their hand in embarrassment! (At the admission gate of the gun show, everyone had to have their hand stamped, as proof that they had paid to get in.) There is a very powerful lesson here.

So, is this vaccine the mark of the beast? Personally, the Lord has not spoken to me, one way or the other on this issue. But this thing is WAY too close for me, so I must refuse. If this is NOT the mark of the beast, then this may be a TEST from the Lord. Those of us who cave in, and take the jab, may be the ones who take the mark, in the future. We truly do not know ourselves. Only when pressure is applied, (tribulation) do we REALLY find out that which is truly within us, and if one will be honest, most of that which lies within us, is nothing at all good. It is through much tribulation, (pressure,trouble and affliction) that we enter the kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22)

There is about to be a Second Exodus…a fleeing into the wilderness, of all different races, (red, yellow, black, brown, and white) is coming for the blood washed saints of Jesus Christ. On 4/11/20 of last year, the Lord spoke to me and said: “The catacombs are coming back again” After prayer on this word, I believe He showed me that the true remnant church, will once again be going underground, both lit., and fig. Read Revelation 12:6, and 12:14, and Ezekiel 20:33-44. (Those O.T. verses in Ezekiel have not been fulfilled yet.) They are about to be… and it is SPIRITUAL ISRAEL (the church) that will fulfill this prophetic word. The pressure is on, dear saints. The choices we make now, may cause us to suffer temporarily, but that’s much better than suffering eternally.

Life is all about choices. Even if the vaccine is not the mark, the choice that we make right now, in either receiving the vaccine, or rejecting it, could be the choice that somehow in the future, seals our fate for eternity. As I said, this vaccine decision, very well might be a TEST FROM THE LORD, for all of us Christians…a kind of separating the sheep from the goats. (If you don’t think that God gives have a lot to learn!) On Dec.14, 2011, while on my knees in prayer, the Lord interrupted my prayer, and said “You have an Exodus Ministry” It took several months of hard praying about this word, to hear anything further, but finally the only answer that ever came from the Lord, in regard to this “Exodus Ministry” was this: “It has to do with preservation.” I believe this “preservation” has to do with being out of this beast system, protected by God, in the time of great tribulation, as spoken of by the Lord, in Mat.24, Mark 13, Luke 17&21, Rev.12:6, Rev.12:14. and Ezekiel 20:33-34.

Get ready Saints… the Second Exodus is about to start…we are going into the wilderness. Don’t be deceived by pot-bellied preachers, and their secret pre-trib lies. I have made my choice, NO JAB for this child of God. I may suffer much for it, but many saints before us have had to do the same thing. This is nothing new for God’s people of faith. Moses stepped out in faith, and made the choice to lose it all, turning his back on all the treasures, wealth and power he had in Egypt. ( Heb.11:25) This was speaking of Moses: “Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.” I pray that you will join me, as we step out together in faith, into the great unknown of the coming Second Exodus, resisting ALL ungodly mandates of every kind. God will be our refuge, and our strength..a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

The Lord, on that same day back on Dec.14, 2011, (the day he told me that I had an “Exodus Ministry“)… spoke this word to me: “In the wilderness is where the miracles start.” (I just remembered, the Lord spoke to me just a few days ago, I had to run upstairs to find it.) On 7/24/21, I wrote this down… “In order to SEE a miracle, you must first NEED a miracle.” I strongly feel this is a word for all of us, who are saying NO to all ungodly mandates, and are fearful about what may happen. I believe the Lord is saying “If, and when you need a miracle, you will receive one!” It’s time to come out from among them, and be ye separate, as we walk out of this hard bondage of Egypt. Josh. 1:5 “As I was with Moses, so shall I be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Bless you all, Dear Saints. Be strong, and of a good courage! Expect miracles in the wilderness! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.

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