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Christian Persecution! – Carmen Montijo


Christian Persecution!

March 20, 2022 3:29 PM
Carmen Montijo

I dreamed that I was in a room and it felt like I was being imprisoned in this room. Then all of a sudden two men came in and started beating me up. I saw my blood starting to splatter all over the floor. Yet it was so amazing, as I did not feel a thing while this beating was going on. It was like God had placed a protective shield around me, as to not feel any pain whatsoever.

God is warning his children and have been warning his children for a long time now. Persecution is coming like never before. Let us pray and read his word and stay connected to God.

Like always, ask God for confirmation on any dream or vision that is posted. Love you all, God bless.

Carmen Montijo (Watcher of God)!

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