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Cheryl Adama

September 17, 2018

Christian! Know Your Position!

Stand! Stand firm, in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection. For this is the Gospel of the Good News of the Kingdom of God! 1 Cor 15:38. Be of Good Cheer for Christ has overcome all that is in this world – so there will be more who can overcome in the same way. John 16:33. Follow in His footsteps, to deny your own will, desire and pleasure – to take up the will of the Father. The Father’s will is to believe on His Son – in all things. John 6:29. To believe on Christ, the Savior of the world is to live a life that affirms this. James 2:20. And do as He has instructed us to do so we too may follow after Him, and that is to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily – which is to live lives that are crucified. Matt 16:24. What does this really mean? It means that we do not listen to what we want, in our fleshly lusts, demands, needs and wants. It is no longer giving our Self a place to make our decisions. It is laying ourselves down as if dead, and living the life that God has provided for us through His Son, and this is a life that is born of the Spirit (not of the flesh), and lives subject to the Spirit’s lead. Romans 6. We must gird ourselves with the truth – the truth is Christ, who is also the way and the life. If we do not hold fast and stand in and practice the truth, we are not going to obtain the breastplate of righteousness – for He gives us His Righteousness that we can live and walk in, through the power of His grace. We must make sure our feet are in understanding with the gospel of the kingdom, which is rooted in the Prince of peace – for this is the Kingdom of God. It is in faith that we will ever be shield and quench the fiery darts that the wicked one will continually send to us. For it is by faith that we arm ourselves, putting on our helmet of Salvation – which protects our head and mind. That means we are to no longer be conformed to this world, but to make it our aim and effort and will to be transformed by the renewing of our mind so we may be sure we are approved by God. Romans 12:2. This involves our thinking and our will – and this is what we must guard and nurture at all times. What we put into our minds, will we be conformed or transformed by – what we believe or not believe will be displayed in how we live. While Salvation is provided for us through Christ, we are to put Him on, so our minds/thoughts are protected. As we are making sure we have all the armor needed we must also realize that each piece we wear requires our care and attention to maintain. In maintaining we trust and practice the Word of God who is also our Sword of the Spirit – that can cut and divide even soul and spirit. In all this we will confidently offer prayer continually in supplication as we are vigil in watching out for our brothers and sisters and ourselves – so we may walk in victory and declare the testimony of Christ to the lost and dying world around us. Ephes 6:14-18


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