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Christian Concentration Camp – Bella Orsi

Christian Concentration Camp

March 27, 2020 10:06 PM
Bella Orsi

Part 1:

I just woke up from a dream where I was in a concentration camp it looked more like a prison and I saw Christians. I saw Kevin Sorbo there and other Christians including my daughter. It was like I wasnt a prisoner but I was there. Seeing all the people there because the guards treated me different more like a guest if anything. I was walking by some type of pond and saw a body in the water. I ran and jumped in and pulled the body out and did CPR and revived the women who had drown. It turned out to be a nurse that worked there. After the employees there realized I saved the friend everybody treated me even better. I just remember walking around this camp and saw everybody wearing the same thing and they were being detained. Thats just some of the dream there was more.

It’s coming

The next part of the dream I was being shown others that were in white dressed as regular people. It seemed to be during the tribulation. I thought it was the 144,000 that were working on Earth this time helping people in the Fema Camps. They had supernatural powers from God to blend in and be unseen. So they were able to get anywhere Jesus wanted us to be. It was like we could come as other people. Not be recognized. It reminded me of the angels that would come to help Mary and Joseph.

this was another I dreamed the same year but in Sept ~ 2016

September 24, 2016

I had another dream. This time I was looking out of the eyes of a black man. In this dream he was in an enforcement or a concentration camp. It was like he was tricked to go there. When he arrived they made him go on an automated open vehicle that would take him to another area in the camp. It was huge. But it was a trick as soon as he went on it the track moved to another track that was suppose to take him to his death. It was to decapitate him. But he realized it. Right when it was gonna take his head off. He ducked down so it missed his head. Then he managed to get off and thats when these guards saw him. (They looked Chinese) They said to him the only way your leaving this place is in a body bag. I remember him saying I should of listened to Gregory Locke ( I heard the name clearly).

Then I woke up. When I went to Google that name I found out he was a powerful minister of the LORD. It was like I was seeing the future in the eyes of another.


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