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By 278pikelk

Febuary 23, 2018
Choose Wisely

Transcript: My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, lift your faces to me now, My loves. Through whatever challenges you are facing, great or small, see Me as your only answer. I will not abandon you, My loves. I created you to love you. I love you beyond your human comprehension. This curse of the flesh is not eternal, My loves. This is not the state you are meant to be in or stay in. Yes, the flesh can experience me, yet it is still a slave to its inherent shortcomings. Use my Holy Spirit within you to drive out the fear and the pain that the enemy showers upon you. If you do not call upon My Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha’kodesh) constantly, you will succumb to your flesh and with that his fear and his pain. Do not allow him to burden you with your flesh any longer. Be filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit always, for in your flesh you can do nothing for My kingdom; you can do nothing pleasing to Me. My heart is for you, My children, not against you. And I have provided for you a helper, My Holy Spirit, as your guide, as your rock. But you must call upon Him now, My loves. You must receive Him and allow Him to work in and through you. Every single time you slip back into the reasonings of your flesh, you place a target on your back for the enemy. Pray constantly to be filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing, attempting nothing in your own power, but only in Mine. I promise as My mysteries unfold in your earth, unless you are filled with My Holy Spirit, you will experience nothing but fear and nothing but pain. Sit at my feet now, My Children, receiving from Me each new day. Go nowhere without me. Protect your eyes and ears from the filth of this world, and use Me as your weapon of war against the evil that is flooding in. This is not a choice; this is a mandate. For if you venture off My path, you will fall prey to whatever the enemy brings upon you. Use My mighty name in every situation, and the curse that is upon your flesh becomes meaningless. Armor up, My loves. For your battle is not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities that will decimate you if you enter into battle on your own. These things on your earth will not get better, My loves, but much worse. I am your only hope in these coming times of tumult. Remain in Me, My loves, tucked under My wing of protection. For at no time in your earth’s history have things that are coming upon your earth occurred before. I am your strength. I am your heart. I am your wisdom and knowledge. I am your eyes and ears. Be my vessels, and you will be My warriors. Pray over everything now, My children. Pray over every situation and every relationship. Lay everything at My feet and recognize yourself as powerless without Me. In My mercy is your strength. In My love there is My protection over you. But I can impart nothing to you unless My Holy Spirit is engulfing you. These will not be normal times, and only with My discernment will you survive. Only through Me and Me shining through you will you thrive. If you are still holding onto anything of this world, let it go; for there is no use for anything of this world. There is no use for anything a man can provide you with. Surrender to Me for your strength. Surrender to Me for your wisdom. Surrender to Me for your complete protection. My army walks in My armor for in the flesh you walk naked. My Holy Spirit is your only power. Speak no words that are not His. Have no thoughts that are not His. Take no action that is not His. Be caught up in Him to be caught up in Me. For without Me, you are dust. Without Me, you are nothing. And only with Me can My plans for you unfold. Only with Me can you do anything that pleases Me. Only with Me can you reach My goals for you. Only with Me can you shine My love. Humbly receive now that you are nothing for complete surrender is the only thing that puts into effect My finished work. It does not matter how you have received from Me in the past, but you must decide today to receive from Me wholly now. Pray for all pride to be removed. Pray for all flesh to be removed. For only then can My armor protect you. Only then can I impart to you My complete strength and protection. Choose wisely now, My children, whose path you wish to follow, the path of your flesh leading to death and destruction or My path to eternal completion and victory. I love you beyond your comprehension, My children, for I created you just for this. Lift your faces to me now, and receive all that I am offering you. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.


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