Choose whom you will follow! – 278Pikelk

Choose whom you will follow! – 278Pikelk

Published October 24, 2018


My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, if you are not coming directly to Me, but relying on this world to give you information about anything, you will come up short. I have placed people who have been anointed by Me to share their prophetic words, dreams and visions. Many choose to do My will in obedience, while others remain silent. And there are some that share from their flesh, but none of My anointing. This is why My children must stay in My Word and under the guide of My Holy Spirit. Anyone that hears from Me, hears and prophesies in part. Not one man has all the answers. It is important, My children, that you pray over and discern everything that you hear. But many don’t stop there. For when they hear something that they disagree with, they assault the messengers with pride-filled and angry retorts. Be very careful not to come against My anointed. Be very careful. For I use some that you would least expect. Is any man not afforded the chance for redemption? I was sacrificed on the cross as the perfect Lamb of God. My Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that any man who believes and receives Me in to their heart is counted worthy to be redeemed. Yet some of even My own have fallen into the snare of the enemy. They judge their very own brethren by their own standards and some come against My anointed, full of their fleshy pride and human reasoning. They are like the Pharisees. These are like wolves. They try to tempt many others into the snare in which they have been caught. Be careful to whom you may lend an ear, My children. Do not be fooled. I alone am the judge of men’s hearts. And unless you are coming to Me for answers, your opinions are as dust. Is there anyone of My creation that will not be afforded the chance to seek My Truth? Is there anyone of My creation not worthy based upon who they are or where they are, that they will be kept from hearing My gospel? Why does one deserve more than another to hear it? Did you deserve to hear My gospel, yet you believe that others do not deserve to hear it? Not all that hear My gospel will receive it. But all will hear it. For men filled with the lies of the enemy will not stand in My way. And it will not be men who have any say as to whom will hear it and will receive it. Many, even some of My own children, have decided to be judge and executioner via their own fleshy pride. And for this, I will not stand. Using their pride and their man-made religions, they attempt to mute My message. They block the path so that many cannot follow it. They stand in front of the door and prevent many form knocking. Woe to those of you who block out My light with the darkness of your fleshy pride. Woe to you who think you can judge those who are just about to knock. For as much as you believe you are, and as much as you would like to be, you are not the judge of man’s hearts. You use My Word, not line by line, or precept by precept, but you put it into the context of your own imaginations to charge and condemn those you see fit. You give your long pride-filled sermons and speeches, not trying to bring any in, but pushing the lost further out into the darkness. You sit on your man-made thrones with your gavel in hand, casting judgment upon many with authority that you have not been given. Are you the judge over who is allowed to receive Me? So many of you think you are. Woe to you in your pride, for soon you will see your own judgments cast upon yourselves. For you invite Me with your own pride to smote you. If you remain in your pride, you are not in Me. I love you, My children. ~ Yahshua HaMashiach.

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