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May 1, 2023 9:06 PM

Chimera + America = Chimerica

Chimera - definition of chimera by The Free Dictionary

or chi•mae•ra (kɪˈmɪər ə, kaɪ-) n., pl. -ras. 1. ( often cap.) a monster of classical myth, commonly represented with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. 2. any horrible or grotesque imaginary creature. 3. a fancy or dream. 4. an organism composed of two or more genetically distinct tissues.

Demarcation/marked for judgement: Babylon

Let Me teach you MY “Battle Plan”: Love with My Holy Spirit Fruit of Love

Not eye for an eye, but bless those who persecute you and hate you

My lovingkindness is as coals on your enemy’s head

You must be IN Me, for you may be tempted to hate

You don’t fight flesh and blood, train to war in the Spirit

Learn of Me, seek Me, gain My Widsom

***God had impressed on me over a year ago to make tracts in the Chinese language. I doubted and did not do it, but now after reading the recent newsletter I feel impressed to make tracts in Chinese, Russian, Spanish…

Here’s a way to fight, spiritually: like with the Revolutionary War: Americans hid in the forests, Americans knew the terrain and could surprise the enemy. Here is the surprise we can give the enemy who invades Chimerica: get Bibles in the languages God puts on our hearts, of those who are invading now…make tracts and print Word in these languages…

Perhaps put them in water-proof baggies or containers yet in places where they will be found, even in odd places like in a tool box in the garage for example. Surprise the unsuspecting invaders and persecutors with Word and hope of salvation! Let them see that it is The Only, and Holy, God Who allowed America to be founded to be a refuge for those who wanted to worship Him without persecution. Now America must repay what she has sown, and all the world will see it as a testament that GOD hates sin. As this nation and it’s laws were founded upon Biblical principles (for the most part) then let’s give the invaders the best witness for The Living God, The Only Way to Salvation as God directs.

If you abide in Me, I will take away your fear and give you boldness. Do you think that when Stephen was being stoned that he was able to forgive and pray for his murderers as it was happening in his OWN strength? No, I was there with Him, I showed Him My glory… Do you think when Paul and Silas were in prison and beaten for My Name’s sake that they FELT like singing to Me in their flesh? In My Presence there is fullness of joy! Prepare to sing to Me and have My Word abiding in You …Holy Spirit will bring It to your rembrance as needed. Be as a tree planted by a stream… let My Word fill you to overflowing…

God is creative! Use the internet while we still have it. Order things if The Lord tells you to now while we can still get packages. What if the ‘enemy’ (not flesh and blood, remember) breaks into you your house and sees a poster on your wall in their language with Word speaking to them… putting My Word into their minds…

Perhaps learn to speak or sign (sign language) Bible Verses in these languages… the invaders will be surprised, and how do you know if some might be pricked in their heart and desire My salvation? Let them see My love in you, and this will stir up some toward Me.

The young men invading are not the enemy, they just follow orders, it is their way of life… some will be wicked and enjoy slapping your face…as human love grows cold in these last days. But some may secretly harken to My Word and seek Me for salvation. Is this not a victory that I desire?

Let them see Me in you and marvel that you are a peculiar person, enabled by My strength, to love them with My love

Defeat the enemy, win his children

I have overcome the World

Know My Word, memorize psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

Practice being in God’s Presence as you go about your day, all through the day. Let His Word in you keep you from sin…

Set your love upon Me, set your mind on things of My Spirit, walk according to My Spirit…

Make tracts to take with you and Scriptures printed out to encourage yourself if you are led away from your home… have these where you can grab them on the way out your door maybe

Maybe if you can and God leads you to, prepare Food bags to share with the unprepared …put tracts in them or Bibles marked with bookmarks or highlighted verses

Word is a sword. Be My missionaries: the foreign lands are coming to you instead of you having to travel to them. Show Me to them.

Do not love your life: remember LOT’s wife. Set your eyes on Me. Keep them there!

As a soldier disciplines, be subject to God’s pruning and preparation for you individually. Who knows what He might want you to do! He is creative, His ways are higher than ours!

Maybe practice handing out tracts and witnessing in English or your home language now. When the time comes, you will easily witness, of course God will enable you to do His will; He is the Good Shepherd Who equips the saints for the working of His ministry! Be equipped!! Do not love your life. Use what’s left of it to spread Abba, Daddy’s, Truth. Learn to hear Our Good Shepherd’s Voice so you can obey what He tells you to do! Soon in Heaven, some or all of us will worship Him with all of Heaven for His Righteous Judgements (Revelation: fall of Babylon)

Don’t be hindered by the naysayers and sleepers who don’t see that America has changed, that her demarcation line has been drawn, like that between the sheep and the goats. Noah and Lot ignored those who doubted what God had told to them. Remember Lot’s wife also: LET GO of the America you once knew and all her comforts. Thank The Lord that you were able to enjoy the America you grew up in. Do not love her, for she will perish.

In My Presence is fullness of joy; My joy is your strength; you shall go out with joy; worship caused city walls to crumble and jail doors to fling open (and salvation to happen)… know the plan that I have for YOU, and prepare your skill-set. Seek Me, I will show you My desire for you.

Make Me your Treasure and I will lead you through all that is in the brink of occurring.

My precious ones!! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS you are on the earth!!!

(I, Sarah, am not trying to debate self-defense, and I did not hear God either way on that for this message. Seek Him as to how He wants you to prepare, He will show you!)

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