Children of Light and Darkness – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

“Children of Light and Darkness” 11/19/18

Yes, daughter, I do. I have a message for my true bride (the church) (a select group of people).

My children, My bride I want to address you today. This is Jesus Christ YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH speaking. Children the hour is late. VERY late, You are the last generation before the church age ends. You are the light of the world it is time to shine. Since you are my true born-again church, You are children of my light. Being my bride means you are holy and set apart from this wicked, sinful, fallen,sorrow-filled world. This world is not your home. You will not live forever here. Heaven is your home and is the eternal reality that you will be spending with me after I call you home when your purpose is fulfilled. Time is out. My father is a breath away from sending me to you in the rapture. THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND!!!!!. I have given many much time to repent but few are listening and few are ready so few will be taken. Until I come for you, you must focus on your relationship with me and bringing others to me. You are my vessels that I fill with life-giving water. Continue to pursue me. I not only address you as my servants but also as my friends and coheirs to my kingdom. I want each of you to walk in light despite the fact that this world is growing darker every single day. The children of darkness are the children of the evil one the harvest is the end of the world and my reapers are my angels. I know your cries and pleas for mercy and forgiveness of your sins. I hear every one of your prayers. My children, you are very precious to me. I see your weariness and tiredness of the growing evil and darkness on the earth. Very soon I will be taking you home to save you from what is coming and worse an eternity in hell. Much destruction chaos terror sorrow sadness and wrath is coming. After I remove you from the earth all hell is going to break loose and the 7 year period of Jacobs Trouble will begin. Those who are left behind will have only one way of entering my kingdom through Martyrdom by being beheaded for their faith in me. The children of darkness are out to destroy you and all of my bride they have laid many traps for you. Do not be deceived by staying in my word the Bible. Stay on your knees in prayer I am calling my prayer warriors and intercessors at this time especially because many souls are at stake these are the end times. Children, I want you to choose me over this world before it is too late for you. Remember my timing is not the same as yours. I will come at the appointed time. Rely only on The Bible and me to get you through the trials and sorrows of this life. Do not put your trust in money people the government or this world. Put your trust in me alone. I am waiting with open arms to receive you I love everyone. SHALOM KING OF KINGS JESUS

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