Checkpoint Dream

March 30, 2021 6:46 PM

On March 19, I had this dream.

I wasn’t planning on sharing it, but I feel the Holy Spirit bringing it up to the forefront of my memory, time and time again. I do not have an interpretation for this other than, checkpoint may be coming our way unexpectantly. Please do take this to the Lord for confirmation.

In my dream, I was in a van full of people. It looked like we were heading back from somewhere when suddenly we hit a checkpoint. The road merged between toll booths (3 sets of 2, to be exact). The road automatically led into this area. There was no way of avoiding these. The officer told us to park, come out of the vehicle and then head to office number 57. Not sure the relevance of this number at this time. My dad and this young girl went in this office cubicle to meet the officer while the rest of us went for a bathroom break. My understanding was that my dad and this girl were made to take a c*vid test. Then everyone was allowed to leave and continue on our journey. On our way out, we had to provide the officers at the end of this checkpoint, a proof of test. The van went ahead of me, while I was still in the bathroom. As I walked and approached the officers at the exit, the one on the left called out to me by my first name to confirm I was she. Then, he told the other officer, the one on my right, to open the gate and let me out.

Dream ended.

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