Chaos and Anarchy – Lady Aribeth

chaos and anarchy

Jan 30, 2020 8:06 PM
Lady Aribeth
Remembrance of a past dream I had many long months ago ( say 6 months ago now). In
the dream I just bought a small new house on top of the hill here in my town. Across
from the house, a street over , and across from the highway, is a big mall but most of the
stores inside it were long gone. I remember there only being the drug store and a grocery
store which sold very little stuff there. Just the basics only. Btw, this house was in the
middle of the city here.
Back at the house, it was nightime ,and it was very dark outside. Don’t know if there
were any streetlights on tho. Can’t remember.
There were a few people inside the small house. I remember my son, his girlfriend and
simon. A lot of people for such a small 2 bedroom house! (the house was very small
infact! Living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms only) Anyways, there were riots
in the streets, lots of theft,violence and noise. ( aka chaos and anarchy) Inside there was
very little eletricity ( it was spuratic at best) and there was a coal oil lamp on the kitchen
table. The people at the table were eating stuff like porridge and bread only, meaning
scaricity. Not much of a selection of food available somehow.
Outside, thru the front living room window, one could see a small flickering light from
the coal oil lamp. The people inside were afraid to show any electricity or much light
because it would attract others from outside which would then cause troubles. There was
a scare for the sharing food with others is the impression I got, but also the violence
since the people outside were starving. We didn’t have much and could only share with a
few close friends nearby.
I also remember the odd time in the dream of venturing to the mall at night to get some
supplies but that was very risky business. Word..cloaked in the night). I was a rather
hazy and foggy type of dream I had back then. Even the recollection is still kinda
foggy??? Why am I getting this recollection tho?
Please discern thru the Spirit of G_d. Peace.


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