September 17, 2021 5:51 AM
Sammy Omosh

I woke up today at 0025 hrs[25 minutes past midnight] from a dream in which the 3rd president and 4th president of kenya stood before me in a field before a crowd.And under the inspiration {anointing} of the holyspirit,i stood up to prophesy before the mammoth crowd.I said “under the leadership of president No 3,there was tremendous economic growth and the inflation rates were low.Other things i spoke i could not remember.Leader No 3 only looked at me in an amazing manner.I then said “he left leadership in a peaceful manner in 2013.Recently out of the four leaders we have heard since independence,leader No 3 was voted on an opinion survey on the internet as the Best president we have had!

However i went on to say that “There will be a new leadership in Kenya pretty soon”.The new leader will be given mantle of leadership “not in the prescribed manner”,meaning not thro elections.It will be a sudden turn of event,that will propel him to leadership[i used this stanza in my previous warning and the holy spirit used it in this particular dream]

Note of Interest:I didn,t give any utterance about leader No 4![Personally, i have some good remarks i would have told the crowd about him.But the spirit didn,t give any comments about him.He knows why and the reason thereof.]

There was political hype and enthusiasm among the mammoth crowd,as they thought the New leader to come,was a personality they have wanted for two decades to take over the mantle of leadership.[In August 2017,as the Electoral body finally announced the last tally of the presidential result,and announced the incumbent the poll winner that late night time,i removed my earphone plugs from my phone and finally fell asleep on the floor where i was resting as i listened to the radio announcing the results.Immeadiately i was caught in a vision where i saw the chief rival of the incumbent then occupying as they say the office on the hill{state house}.Foreign dignitaries and politicians were trooping in to say “congrats”.I too walked right inside,there were no guards to restict our movement.The atmosphere around was that of “jubilation and the air around exhilariting”.]In a previous encounter of the same, i saw joy unspeakable,it,s as if some folks would merely die out of it!And i saw too luncheon held in his honour[RAO had finally munched the cookies that he had salivated for,for close to 2 decades!]
Back to the dream:I pitied the crowd as i spoke to them.under that prophetic anointing coz first to arrive in the leadership scene,will be a leader that is facing many obstacles currently and you can write him off to “the political obituary pages” or to the political doldrums/dustpin s.Following this event will be the highlights i warned of in JUNE2020 TO DATE,before finally there is CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT!

When the crowd left, a kid approached me and asked me to give him a personal word,which i declined to do,coz i was not under that mantle anymore.He then asked me”why don,t you drive your white car?” and the dream ended.

CAUTION:Do not trust politicians more than the God of Israel{Yahweh}.Some years back,due to the nature of my job then,i rubbed shoulders with politicians,notable of them was one who was appointed 2nd in command by leader No 3, at the ministry of Foreign affairs.I did some errands for him,He tapped into my professional skills to bring development into his constituency projects,hence we became tight Buddies!He would call me on phone to inquire things as He does his globe trotting in foreign capitals of the world.When he is at home He would call me to go to his home for dinner.I would find selected guys have thronged inside his house,with Booze flowing like river nile,so to speak.I made it clear at the initial encouter,that iam saved and i don,t drink booze.Whenever guys would ask why i don,t take booze,guess who would come to my rescue-the politician would be my mouthpiece, saying iam saved,and nobody should tease me.So i would select to drink sodas,or fruit juices.I have once travelled with him over 300 miles in his official car,with salutes given at the police road blocks.Once he was at a town he knew i frequented during weekends,so he called me on phone and i went over to meet him.On arriving, i found out as if there was some partying the previous night and he was surrounded by college going ladies![He told me this himself].At one time he drove me straight to an exclusive club at the high end of the city suburbs to discuss some business!The only thing i appeciated,is that He gave me preferential treatment whenever i visited his office- once i found him holed up with the US ambassador in his office for a meeting,and when they were through,despite many clients in the reception area who arrived earlier than me,he broke protocol and called me next!Once when i was on a visit to a southern african country, on my return trip i went to the washroom inside the airport and went strait to check in,only to find out i don,t have my passport!I knew i had lost it,and didn,t know the location where.What came first on my mind was to contact my politician friend,or alternatively seek help from my host who works at the cabinet office of that particular country.Only for a word of knowledge to drop in my spirit,”Go to the washroom”,and i galloped across that airport like a horse released from the stable!I found it on the floor as if screaming “pick me up”.

Why all these narrative?It,s the political season,where even many christians will be divided by “our man”/”our tribe” syndrome.This fuels hatred,bias,we against them,unmet expectations etc which balloons to violence.SO be on guard,don,t demonstrate coz i saw in march that time coming!All politicians seek their interest first,before yours,so how dare you lay down all your life b4 a politician to rescue you and not the living christ?I once helped that politician,s wife get government contract,and i needed a reciprocal measure to get my brother a job in Dubai,where during a previous visit,i found many kenyans working there in diverse sectors.He only affirmed He will,but he did not!Luckily he got a miraculous job which he does till now.Now what if i had put my expectations on HIM?

Now get this right-Very soon at GOD,S APPOINTED TIME,there will be a change of guard,and this will catapult the rest of the prophesies to be fulfilled before your very eyes and nothing will remain the same again over this Nation.


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