Change, Change, Change says the LORD – Edward Umling

Change, Change, Change says the LORD

November 9 2020
Edward Umling

I hear chaos and, pandemonium in the distance, I
hear the Words “No More” I hear the word “empty”

I hear the sound of rumbling, I hear “smite the crops” I hear “poison the water” I hear “take down the electrical grid” I hear “close the banks”

I hear “change the currency” I hear the word “barter” I hear “close the highways”

I hear change, change, change says the LORD.  Arise My Elect; Arise, here I come and My REWARD is with Me.

I hear the sound in the distance and, I listen to the sound from above.
I call out and cry danger but who will heed My Voice but only those who seek My Father’s Grace says the LORD.

Smite the land O destroyer; smite the crops, smite the water, smite the bread, smite and smite O destroyer.

Warn My People, Warn My People says the


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