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June 27, 2024 11:00 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

June 27, 2024 Around 11 AM

“You will write for ME. Write it in purple. CHANCES. Who can speak of MY chances? Who can count the number of chances I have given wicked mankind to repent and return to ME? Come to ME, even for the first time?

Can you count that high? Do you have wisdom to know the numbers? Millions, billions, trillions…Do you know the numbers that come after these? You would need them to number the chances I have given.

So long is MY long-suffering. So great MY love and MY perseverance to act to warn, to chide, to draw; to wait. Look around you, world. Have I not erected churches on many street corners? What of the Bibles? Do most homes have a copy of MY written WORD? Many have several.

What about the preaching and the teaching? Letters upon letters. Books upon books. YouTube videos, Ticktocks, blogs, newsletters, bulletins, flyers, Gospel tracts, and more. What more could I have done? Send servants of MINE to street corners, crying out with large signs? Yes, and they go almost completely ignored. As I AM ignored.

Every chance, every missed opportunity, every breath, every time you drive past that church, walk past that Bible, turn that channel TESTIFIES AGAINST YOU!
No, you are not guiltless. Because of MY goodness in these things (MY generous provisions of chances, resources, and opportunities), your guilt remains.

The Times Of Chances ends! The churches will close. The Bible’s will be taken up. The true servants of MINE who preach, teach, warn, and exhort will be silenced. You have not come to ME while it is easy. You will be given one more chance if you survive the coming judgments to choose for ME, but it will not be easy.

It will be in a time of great and overreaching difficulty, a time of unimaginable distress. This is only right. This is justice. But it is also MY grace. I advise you not to squander it.

Heaven and Hell are at stake. Pray with ME:

LORD JESUS CHRIST, CREATOR of Heaven and Earth, I confess I am a sinner guilty of many sins and offenses towards YOU and others. I am sorry. I believe that YOU are the SON OF GOD sent from our FATHER in Heaven to come to the Earth and live among us, showing us the way. I know that though YOU had never sinned or done any wrong, YOU were crucified on the Cross of Calvary as payment for my sins and the sins of the world. YOU were raised back to life everlasting by the power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT on the 3rd day, defeating death and the grave, and are alive forevermore. JESUS CHRIST, I believe YOU are LORD and I want YOU to be LORD of my life. Please come into my heart and never leave. Help me live for YOU all my remaining days of this life on the Earth, I pray in YOUR holy, matchless NAME. In JESUS’ NAME, amen~”


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*I looked up the significance or meaning of the color purple in the Bible after I received this word from JESUS CHRIST. I discovered that purple was the pigment of choice for those of noble or royal birth or those who were high-level officials.

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