Chances for Salvation Narrows as Sin Continues – LynL

Chances for Salvation Narrows as Sin Continues

November 10, 2023 11:02 PM

My heart is grieved for all who do not follow me. Many chances and messages have been given for them to turn around and change the direction they have been going. But it is to deaf ears and blind eyes that chances have been given. I wait for turn arounds of how my children perceive the situations that snare them into sin.
Time is moving faster now. Less time for them to grasp that which is in front of them. As my children continue in the sins that they are so comfortable with, their chances for salvation narrow.
As the veil continues to thin and change, their ability to change with it lessens. Fear is what will agitate each soul who has not prepared in advance. Fear gives permission to the enemy to enter one’s housing. It is imperative to count on I Am for all protection. Use my name when confronted with anomalies and situations that don’t seem normal. Repent, pray, read my word and give glory to me. Sing me praises for all will bring you closer to me and my Kingdom and away from the enemies.


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