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Catastrophic Event – Asha B

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Catastrophic Event

June 18, 2024 5:50 PM
Asha B

Message received 11/06/2024

The great catastrophe is now here. Be ready every day. The time is now and is here. There is no more time remaining for all the works to be done, for the events now coming to pass, should have been done.

The world is now ready to reel. It shall turn backward and forward and fall off its axis.

There shall be a catastrophic event taking place very soon. Gird your loins and be ready against the day.

The world is not ready for what is now about to take place. But all of my children are ready and you shall go out to do my works to help many people.

Many people shall be lost at this time and shall not rise again. My children I shall save to be with me and none can take my children out of my hand.

The leaders of this world have set their plans in motion. Do not participate in their elections for I will not allow my children to participate with these evil men.

All is now ready to take place, but I will hide my children under my wings.

Your loving Father



Psalms 91:4


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