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Cataclysm on America – Robert Holm

Cataclysm on America

May 15, 2020 1:55 PM
Robert Holm

May 15, 2020 I had a dream. A man, his wife, their teenage son and I were coming from a museum tour for children little before sunset. We drove to their house which the Spirit lead me to know is in the mountainous parts of Colorado. It had snowed that day.

On arriving at the house and alighting from the car I saw an asteroid hurling to the west coast. The Spirit lead me to know it was going to hit the Pacific Ocean. We were suddenly jolted by an earthquake from the impact and fell to the ground. Just then I noticed a number of stars began plummeting to the earth burning as they entered the atmosphere and causing more earthquakes as they hit the earth and then I heard in the distance what sounded like rushing waters.

I looked in the distance and as far as my eyes could see I saw a wall of water rushing over the hills heading our direction. I wondered how waves could reach this far and at 3800 feet above sea level where we were. We quickly ran into the garage and managed to make it inside before the wave completely engulfed the house. We all hid in a small closet but immediately thought it wouldn’t keep us safe so we immediately raced to the second floor.

The lady and I made it to a room adjacent the hallway and was beckoning to her husband to come into the room as the house was being torn apart by the massive waters. Finally his son pushed him into the room and we all prostrate on the floor crying out repeatedly, “I repent of my sins Jesus”.

Just then the waters passed over after ripping most of the house apart and I was now looking up at the sky. Then there appeared coming down from the sky what looked like glass globes the size of a grapefruit with burning lamps inside them that fell on our heads and we immediately began speaking in unknown tongues. We were saved from the cataclysm. The dream abruptly ended and I awake speaking in tongues then began praying to God to mitigate His judgements upon America.

America, God’s judgements as foretold by his prophets have been decreed for this nation. Only through true and sincere repentance will we be safe in what is to come. Very soon these days will be upon us. Choose ye this day who you will serve.


Revelation 8:8-9

Revelation 6:13


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