Carnage Everywhere – Patti Young

Carnage Everywhere

March 6, 2020 4:04 PM
Patti Young

Carnage, there is carnage everywhere. Defilement, defilement is in the earth. Where are those who seek me? And you wonder and ask, where are those who found me, my beloved. They are in the earth…. be still and I shall raise them up and these shall shine among all men in all the nations. Who are these one might ask? Ah, I the Lord God would say unto those who inquire of me, these are my beloved, this is my bride, this is the fulfillment of my word in the earth, these are truth, these are witnesses, these have not been defiled by the teachings or the ways of men. Glory, Glory, Glory, the heavens shout and declare, for the day of redemption is nigh. My habitation is in the earth and the fulfillment of who I AM among my people. These are the brethren that I call friends, for these, I have annointed their eyes to see, and these I have opened their ears to hear. Glory, glory, glory, to the highest, they sing unto the heavens, for these are among men now, seeds that were scattered among the dark places of the earth, and these shall shine bright and my glory will surround them.

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