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Captains of Industry – James Smith

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Captains of Industry

November 19, 2022 4:13 AM
James Smith

Went to bed after prayer time on Monday in expectation of possibly having a dream, for some reason. Indeed, it occurred as follows…

🗓️ dream was received Monday 11/14/22


My view was of a corporate factory town, beneath an overcast sky – crowds of people were seemingly just standing around, conversing little and mostly just waiting. A large industrial facility of some sort occupied the far side of town and, having worked in such places before, my impression was that it seemed too quiet, as if offline in standby mode.

Suddenly seeing the inside of a board room, I note many fat cat executives sitting around a long wooden table, watching a spokesman in a three piece suit, who concludes his address with the words “Then, it is decided,” and presses a buzzer on the table – secretary enters the room w/ a concerned look. Quiet words are first exchanged and she is offered a check for an unknown amount but declines, frustrated. Momentarily, the boss then offers a second check for $15,583 and she reluctantly accepts it, glancing around the conference room, meeting expectant looks, w/ the announcement that this should be sufficient, at least, to help her start over in Wyoming (if she hurries; being implied).

Secretary exits the scene, severance pay
in hand, as the boss turns and murmurs,
“I wouldn’t recommend Wyoming.”

* reviewing from memory, receive a fleeting
vision of raindrops beginning to patter
against the big windows…

** only in sharing the dream with Brethren,
did we make the connection that Yellowstone
National Park is located in Wyoming


*** early Saturday morning, in prayer,
I receive the vision of Old Faithful geyser
in Yellowstone beginning to spew flames.
Inquiring as to “When, Lord?”

” Soon,” was the only answer received.


My thoughts are that this dream is to further confirm what rumors have been rumbling, as of late; I believe the town represents average America as a whole, the townspeople are the working class waiting to see how the economy will turn out, too trepidatious to take any action and brought to all talk at this point. I suppose the factory represents our economy and the executives in the board room were elites being revealed as having now hit the final kill-switch button, but the situation with the secretary on staff being dealt with first, suggests they are in the midst of final negotiations for where certain amounts of money will be allocated and the number in particular was mentioned in the previous Email of this thread; it was clearly emphasized as being a terminal severance check and the woman left in a hurry to see to her personal business with the funds.

🌋 Wyoming meant nothing to me at first, I have never been there and only recognize some of their major landmarks but initially, I had no honest idea that Yellowstone is located in that state – now I am convinced, a warning about the volcano is the only reasonable conclusion to interpret and have even only this week since then, learned about the increased activity around there.

Various initial combinations
for the 15,583 in dream via
the Strongs, resulted in:
• request or petition
• uncertain riches«
• taxes / write-off

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