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Can’t Buy Or Sell – Patti Young

Can’t Buy Or Sell

Jan 9, 2020 10:27 PM
Patti Young


I forgot to tell you I had a horrible I
woke up with my heart pounding a
horrible nightmare last night I had a
dream I was in the bank and all of a
sudden the doors automatically closed
and the people that were all working in
the bank kind of changed they look like
I don’t know like like I don’t want to
say dead people evil they all changed
they instantly they were transformed and
I went up to get cash and they said to
me there was this machine and they said
well you have to put your thumb down in
there of your right hand onto that to
remove money and I was looking around
and these evil people were all just
looking at me and all the other people
other people in the bank were going
ahead and doing it and I was shaking in
my spirit and inside and I thought oh no
it’s here this is the mark of the beast
and I said no I I’m not going to get my
money and they said to me and I’ll never
forget because I woke up with my heart
pounding they said you cannot buy or
sell unless you put your hand down and I
started to panic because I looked all
around at the doors at the bank and they
had locked me in and they had closed me
in and I had no way out and I knew I
couldn’t take the mark it was horrible
I’ll be honest was a nightmare

I also knew the Lord showed me because I was trapped the doors automatically locked everywhere and I was locked in and I Knew by the spirit that the Lord was telling me if that’s how people are going to feel because they cannot buy or sell or feed or eat or do anything without this Mark

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  1. Alice R.

    We read about the mark. It is a different story when our bank account is gone. I know God is preparing things for his children. It is a scary moment when everything changes. People need to prepare now for power & water outages. Also have extra food stored. This will help bring peace in a storm. Judgements will come around us before the rapture.

  2. I had a similar dream. I was standing in a long queue and they were taking blood samoles to get everone’s blood DNA. I asked what is going on and I walked away from the queue and the offficers asked me what is my story. I told them I am not giving my blood as it will lead to the mark of the beast and they said it is only a sample Sir. I did not kniw whether to return or not but then I awoke.

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