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September 22, 2021 7:59 PM

Last week the news of a possible volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands caught my attention. On 9.18.21 Saturday at 7pm in my spirit I heard the word ‘canary’. When I woke up the next day it was to news that the Cumbre Vieja volcano had just erupted on the island of La Palma, Spain in the Canary Islands.

On 9.20.21 Steven Ben Noon of ‘Israeli News Live” put out a video titled “La Palma Situation Awareness” explaining the very serious threat the volcanic eruption posed. Excerpt follows.

“I don’t know if you guys are aware but somebody had put out somewhere that there is a strong sulfur smell on La Palma. What that means it that there is going to be yet another eruption and the eruption is going to be major when it does blow the next time around here. This situation is so serious what’s going on over there that there was a meeting at the White House today and Biden’s cabinet has elected not to go public on this for fear of creating panic. They know from the advisors on this issue that this is moved up a level for people that would be in the wave of a tsunami that could be a result of that and it’s very disheartening to find out that it’s pretty much of a blackout – it’s a media blackout on what they know from the scientists there, our scientists and what their concerns are. You don’t have eight to nine hours unless if the eruption happens at a time frame when you’re awake and you happen to catch it whether it be social media or regular media – that’s about the only way you’re going to get that type of heads up and the reason being is because we don’t have buoys out there that brings this out. So in that regard what I’ve heard is you basically got about two, two and a half hours would be about the best warning.

The threat level to the United States has risen that’s my concern…not to say that it will happen…but because the threat level has risen and because of the signs that are there it could pose a potential threat to the United States. I will say one thing if something happens especially in the middle of the night I’ve already been told to keep my phone by my head and stuff like that because if something goes down and they know it before I can find out about it they’ll let me know so that I can let you know. If there’s something we can do to help somebody we’re there to do it. God bless you.”

The Holy Spirit gave me a word on the Canary Islands because He knows what’s coming and He’s trying to warn the body of Christ. If you feel so moved please keep the residents of the island of La Palma and the surrounding islands as well as those who live on the east coast of the U.S. in prayer. May we take the words and warnings of the Holy Spirit to heart.


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