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Canada: A Flood and an Ax – LaTonya Canada-Christ

Canada: A Flood and an Ax

May 27, 2019, 9:56 PM
LaTonya Canada-Christ


On May 8th I had the following dream:

My dream is centered around the nation of Canada. In the beginning of the dream Canada is seen to be strong and its relationship to America is strong. There was great confidence in the nation itself and its relationship to the USA. But something of a flood, some kind of flood, I don’t know…but those who trusted in Canada, their fortunes died. I did not see water. Whatever this flood was that moved so swiftly over Canada, it seemed to blacken the land, like a fast-moving fire. I saw this as an aerial-type view. Then I seemed to be in two places at once. I saw a path that came to a T in the road. My family and I had quickly decided to make a right at the T in the road. We entered a small studio-designed cabin. As soon as the door shut, this catastrophe/flood hit and we were rejoicing, jumping up and down, singing, crying with joy that we had made the right decision and trusted God and taken the right path. We were protected. At the same time, I could also see that those who had been with us but chose to go left at the T, were destroyed by this flood. Those that trusted in Canada’s strength and protection were devastated and lost lives. The relationship and status seemed so sure until after the flood, but it was clear that no matter how sure something seems, trust only in God. End of dream.

Definition of flood: Inundation, arrival in overwhelming amounts or quantities, surge, swarm, engulf


As I asked the Lord for understanding, I recalled a vision I had in spring of 2014 while in a prayer meeting for the nations. The pastor had 6-foot maps of each nation. When the time came to pray for Canada, I saw this vision:

The vision opened up looking at 2 huge bare feet digging into dark rich brown soil. These were Jesus’ feet. They were stationed perpendicular to a huge tree. I then saw a huge ax laid to the base of the tree. The vision ended.

I discern from the two visual images that looks are deceiving. In both, Canada was seen as strong, robust, and formidable. And in each something devastating and life-altering was on the verge of occurring. There is a false sense of security in our relationship to Canada. The flood left the terrain blackened. Fire or warfare could do this. In the book of Jeremiah 1:13- 15 says that the enemy would come from the north as a boiling pot. Many prophets have seen Russia invading America by way of Canada. The T in the road represented two opposing beliefs and directions. Some trust in man’s philosophies and governments that seem big and powerful. In addition, the sheep are placed on the Lord’s right and the goats go on the left in Matthew 25:33. Remnant believers will choose what seems small, foolish, and insignificant; but their God is all-powerful. The door shutting reminded me of Noah, but also Jesus in Rev 3:7. This also indicated a time frame ending and the beginning of another epoch or season. The fortunes that died are both literal and symbolic, whatever are the treasures in their hearts. The rejoicing was based on the power and protection of our God, not anything that we had done. He was true to His word and promises of leading, guiding and protecting His people. God will protect His own. The soil that Jesus’ feet were in is representative of Canada being ripe or fertile for a fall. The tree identifies Canada because of the maple leaf on the flag.

As with other nations in recent years, Canada has made several anti-christ laws and its authorities have taken anti-biblical stances:

2018 – Judge rules polyamorous relationship of 3 that all parents listed on birth certificate

2018 – United Church of Canada allowing atheist pastor to remain on staff

2017 – Harvesting organs of euthanized patients

2017 – Prime Minister calls abortion a “human right”

2017 – Ontario passes bill empowering government to seize children disallowed to have gender transitions

2016 – Anglican Church of Canada votes to approve same-sex marriage

2016 – Supreme Court voted bestiality legal

2016 – Conservative party votes to approve same-sex marriage

2016 – Canada Prime Minister marches in Gay Pride march

2015 – Supreme court allows for assisted suicides in limited cases

2013 – Supreme Court votes unanimously strike down ban on prostitution

2013 – Biblical speech opposing homosexuality is “hate crime”

LaTonya Canada-Christ

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