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Can You Sense It

June 29, 2021
The Messenger

Received June 29th 2021 around 6 AM


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My chosen son , take My holy words down which I will now speak. My children many have been called but few are chosen. Many say they believe but truly do not, they think that they know me your God The father, but do not. My ones, who do not truly see what is going to come upon them in 1 hour. In 1 hour life, on this planet will change , Mystery Babylon in 1 hour your landscape existence will change, it shall change because My words do not lie, My words ring truth, My words are truth . What does many are called, but few are chosen truly mean? . Does it mean those who are truly saved?, does it mean those who truly believe in My being in totality, My power, My presence throughout your lives, what does it truly mean?. Many have sought me thru out time, never truly finding me and those that have found me, truly have never and I will repeat this, never go back into the world. Why is that you might ask, because they have truly found me ,they, truly belong to me ,they are from me, they are truly one of My own. The ones who say they know me, say they found me but are bound to the world and can not truly accept My ways, My will in their lives, are of the world, they never truly understand who I am and how My power and authority is infinite. I am an all powerful, omniscient, all loving, all merciful God. These are the ones, the worldly children who truly do not know me nor understand My authority. My authority is supreme and I reign over all creation, those willing to accept this and accept My ways, My words, to accept, My Son Jesus The Christ as me, as your God, truly accept him and me your creator and My spirit My Holy Spirit are the chosen. I have designed and created all forms of life and have allowed some, not of how I wanted it to become but man’s will . Not in mine image, but in the enemies image, the enemy, the fallen one and ones think that by altering man’s DNA they themselves become Gods. .They themselves thru lust, power and pride can and think this way, that they can be me, your God, that they have the same or more authority than the creator, and they would be wrong.!!! They have deceived man in many ways especially in doctrines of My people in My church. My chosen ones, My worthy true church, shall soon rise and be transformed, ready to start My great harvest, these are the chosen ones made ready to do My will and My will alone, these are those who obey My voice and My voice alone these are those that let no man deceive them by false doctrines by pretenses of how things should go in the end times.

My children, this truly grieves me, how many are truly being deceived and have become this way, but and I will say but, they chose the world and their ways over me. Instead of truly seeking me thru My words and the truth, they just accept man’s ways and view instead of mine. Since most have gone this way and most are truly lost in this world, and as your God, have tried everything within reason to awaken those stuck in the world, I must do what I must do to awaken the ones in slumber. As your Holy, just all merciful God it grieves me too see My own children behave the way that they do and make the choices that they make. It grieves me to think that they are truly saved and can be with me in heaven, but cannot because they try not to walk in MY HOLINESS they think if they do not sin it is enough to get them to where I am at. They think if, I believe in Jesus and what MY HOLY SON, THE ANOINTED one did, that they are good. This, all this line of thought, of reason would be correct for eternal life!!!, not to get where I am at. My children again to be where I am at you must do the multiple of things that this messenger has always posted thru My mouth and the words he has taken down. My children we are well , well beyond late . My words should have come forth awhile ago but they have not because of My mercy . Most of My children are still not ready to meet your God and truly stand before My Son!!!! why because you must walk in MY HOLINESS ,only done thru this way, can you get to where I am at, only . My children the time has come for most to walk in that and most cannot, they just are too prideful too stillborn set in their ways and the world

My children as your God I need you to walk in the light not dark. I have warned and warned and pleaded but nothing I have done has changed your course, nothing, Still deaf, blind and dumb you are. As your God I need to change this course, America most who think that they are saved and be with me in heaven are wrong, this is why what I must do is going to happen. Many of My messengers, prophets watchman have spoken about a war in America from the bear and the dragon the Bear being Russia and the Dragon, red China and that is correct many have said New York City will be judged, satan’s capital headquarters and that is also correct. The thing or puzzle piece has always been missing is when. These things will be on My time line and not on the enemies time, always has been and always will be. My children how many of My servants have posted messages about war on your soil and about New York City being judged, please look at the messages, there are many by many of My workers My watchmen, My messengers, this messenger alone has posted warnings about New York City and in there has said July, as well as others. Please My children, PLEASE heed these warnings, many of My workers have called for prayer and fast offerings for New York City just recently, and many have answered the call, still most have not. My children if you are spiritually awake than you realize we are truly close to this time, though My children, you can be the judge of the time within your hearts . Look around My children for very, very, very soon and I will say this again VERILY ,VERILY I say to you, destruction comes when you least expect it!!!! End of message Your eternal loving father who created you.
The messenger

Received sane day at 8:20 am

My Son please add this message these words to the one spoken earlier. My children as your God your holy just righteous God I can see that many are clamoring , want , desire a sign from your God to say God did that, only God . Well My children does not My word say walk in faith not by sight. The ones who are truly mine, already know the signs and seasons that have past and know the season that we are in. Would it do any good for me to say it is going to snow in June or July a blizzard up and down the east coast or just make it happen. Would it do me any good to let the stars all fall and give My servants, prophets ,watchmen and messengers these warnings, have them posted and people mock and scoff at them. Some of My messengers have obeyed sending messages for whatever I tell them to get sent out to get posted, wether they get posted or not is not of there concern but mine as your God. My children all things, My true messengers, watchmen and prophets, ALL, will surely pass on My timeline and mine alone, not satan’s , not the evil ones. Rest assured My people it is better and scriptural sound to walk by faith alone, and belief on My Son than anything else . My children, you sense, My true ones, what is about to take place. You have been told, and are not of this world, you are ready to come back to your true place of resting in me and My Son and My spirit. I welcome you My worthy, back into My arms for it is time to rest for you . Is it not written in My words in The book of Hebrews giving My people rest. My children your eternal rest in me your father ,YOUR LORD, is at hand . Look up your redemption is at hand , I have been knocking and knocking and those truly My own have let me in . Now the time is at hand , please gather your hearts, your spirit and mind, for your reward comes quick, VERILY, VERILY I say to you if the Goodman of the house was watching he would have known when I came . Stay focused, stay alert stay mindful, I send My true Son Jesus the Christ like a thief to come get you, I come to snatch you out of this world and transform you to do My harvest, My will, mine alone. I love all My brides, My saints, My anointed ones, but time is at hand. End of message signed YESHUA HAMASHIACH .
The messenger

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