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Calming the Storm – KarenO

Calming the Storm


I’ve just been through an experience that I hope you will take to heart.

I’ve been born-again for over 47 years, & God has always “been there” for me. My cries to him have hardly been more than my personal angst, even though there have been times my prayer has not been much more than “Really, Lord? Will You please do something about that?” and “I love You, Lord! Thank You for taking care of us, Thank You for our future.”
I’d been to “prayer vigils,” & some will certainly relate, they were rarely more than duty calls.

Storms we get usually tend to separate, & the worst of the storms head south of town and north of town.

Tonight, I watched in horror as two severe storms merged into one on radar, & headed straight to my home. The promise at the least was penny-sized hail.

Those of you who live in the south have seen much worse, I’m sure.

I began praying in tongues & prayed for an hour until the storms passed. I watched in relief as the storms weakened, but still strong enough to cause damage. Our home would have fared much worse if I had not been alert to the storm – and prayed. We did not even get the penny-sized hail in my area. The plants, grass, & trees were well-watered!

The Lord spoke to me, & said, “You know now what it is to be cared for and what I will call you to do. You’ve never been in a vigil where you kept praying until the danger passed. Bigger threats are coming, & you will pray for longer. You are stronger in Me than you have ever been.”

The storms that threaten us usually do not go into early summer, but our cold weather lasted until just a few weeks ago. Our garden centers are still open, instead of “on clearance.” (at which I usually buy on sale flowers & greenery for my hanging pots).

Our unseasonable heat (which usually arrives mid to late July & through August) has put to truth what is happening and the seasons appear to have “sped up.”

School was cancelled early due to Covid-19 & plan to open earlier to allow students to get a head start (They also seem to be preparing for a need to close again with the fall season & a resurgence of the virus according to past pandemic behavior).

There IS no time left. Right now, our world has already lost 3 months of the year.
Not the way we envisioned the fulfillment of the prophecy of “if those days had not been shortened, no one would survive,” (Matthew 24:22) is it?

Be discerning of the times, dear ones. Be ready, because He will call you to tasks – some to prepare you, some to teach others, & some to witness to His power. And He’s coming very soon.

Blessings to you.

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