Calling Loudly and Sternly – Until That Glorious Day

Calling Loudly and Sternly

February 9, 2021 8:10 AM
Until That Glorious Day

Received February 8, 2021

“People of Earth: You think you know me? Few look for me. Few follow me. You have made your own gods.

People of America: You think you know me! You think I am easy.

Church of America: You think you have me in your pocket? You think you can drink from the cup of Christ and the cup of Satan: The World System!

I will very soon remove my people. I will remove my Spirit of Grace and Supplication. You will experience my Wrath and the wrath of the Beast. I will not hold back. The Beast will have no mercy.

Never has there been a time as the time soon here. NO HOPE: judgements poured out with no time to rest. No time to catch your breath. A slaughter beyond proportion—no comparison in all of time. A net so secure and tight—no place in all the World to escape.

Escape into my arms now! (He was very emphatic) I am the Way! No other! Time is so short! Come now! Run to me now! Tomorrow is almost here! Run into my outstretched arms leaving all behind!”

I wasn’t sure about the word “supplication” so I looked it up. It is an expression of authentic belief in God and trust to answer our prayers.—I believe the meaning is that we now can have hope and confidence that God will help us in our trials, but after the Rapture, those left behind will have no hope of rescue. They can still be saved but will have to endure the Tribulation.


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