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Call to Shepherds – Sarah

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Call to Shepherds

July 10, 2023 12:23 PM

Given 7-10 morning

I AM’s call to: all shepherds, ministers, those who claim to serve ME, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Your Creator
Church hurt they say…as though the ripped limbs of My sheep from wolves are mere scratches…

Come back, they say. We are DIFFERENT. Our church is fun, and we accept sin. We say we love Jesus, but it is not ME whom these church leaders love. Look at their fruit, is it My Spirit’s fruit? Consistent fruit is what you must learn to discern, learn of Me oh sheep and those would want to know ME.

I never said to assemble with wolves, tares, goats. I have told My sheep to RUN AWAY from the hireling pastors who are in it for the money. They do not love with My love because they serve 2 masters. I told you that is it impossible to serve 2 masters, but these false teachers say you can. Who always changes what I say/mean? The enemy of your souls. Do not align with him. My Word from My Mouth is Holy and not to be changed.

They have chosen to serve money. How can you tell? They refuse to obey My Word regarding kicking hypocrites out of the church, I said hand satans children back to him and maybe they would repent. You allow sin to run rampant in the church and the sheep think that this is ok. It is not ok and I am not in these synagogues of satan. Why are you surprised that satan runs most churches? I have warned about this in Word. YOU MUST ask Me to teach you Word or you will perish for lack of knowledge. I said not to trust men, or yourself, but if you do not learn this in My Word, you will trust men or your own feelings and understanding and you will be led astray. My Word is the only Truth that will never lead you astray.

The world is obeyed and believed by you, and My Word rests on your shelf. You obey what the world tells you. Greedy, covetous (idol worshipping) ministers of satan guilt you into coming to church, “forsake not the assembly” they love to say. If you do not come to church and bow to their profession of the Law…you must tithe but they do not obey the rest of My Word in Micah. New Covenant FULFILLS the Old. No more ten percent of you but 100%. These ministers do not trust in and rely on ME for their provision, they worship the “ministry” and its benefits to their flesh. They are tempted to enjoy then justify loving their selves, being idolaters before Me, fleecing the flock to reach their worldly goals that do not glorify Me but THEM. Many who had claimed to know Me are burning in hell right now. They spit on My Word and said, oh, God will give me a pass. I am special. Well they don’t feel that way anymore. Those in hell beg for a drop of relief, but I will not hear them, just as I did not hear them when they walked in pride on the earth. Listen you who are living! Your soul is at stake and I don’t want any whom I created to go to Hell. Many of you pastors never teach on hell because you don’t want the money to walk out the door. Then you will go to hell for not warning the sheep and teaching them to obey/love Me and to know My Word. There is no money or gold in Hell. I have told you to die to self and gain treasure in Heaven, of which you cannot fathom. You must walk by faith in My Word, or else you will perish in hell.

My love is not shown by feelings and doing ‘nice things’ for people you love. MY LOVE goes to the highways and the underpasses and binds up the wounds of the homeless. If I live in You, you will understand what My Love really is. It is not giving gifts to those you love. It is not feeling happy after a church service. I require ALL of you not just an hour and a dollar on Sunday. Will you let me show you who needs a hug and TIME and prayer? Will you bring MY WORD which HEALS to those who weep and mourn? Will you give your own meal to a hungry person? My sheep hear and obey. If you do not hear Me, seek Me and Word. If you do not obey me, you don’t love Me and you are NOT MINE. I am not impressed with business churches in which sin and lies and abuse and gossip and shaming the sheep is rampant. I see it all. EVERYTHING is being recorded.

Is gossip allowed in your church? Then My Spirit is not in that church. Your job is to stop sin and teach people to LOVE by walking in The Spirit. Sin leavens the whole lump. You know that a so -alled pastor is a hireling, in love with the money that comes into the church… They say heaven forbid if I ever have to get an additional job… how dare you call My work a job? Did not Paul mend tents, where in Word do you see a minister beating the sheep over the head to make them give them money? This is NOT pleasing to Me, I redeemed you FROM the letter of the LAW and from having to obey the heavy burdens that mere men put onto you…that you put on the sheep. You don’t ask Me to take away their burdens, you are a Pharisee who ADDS to their burdens, I See. I Hear. I am warning you as I do in My Word, all thought Word and My judgements are righteous.

Woe to you false shepherds who lust after the things of the world. You have a form of godliness, FAKERY to fool innocent sheep who would have come to Me and I would heal them. You are blind because of your love for money and power. You are naked because you are dead bones all dressed up, destined for hellfire because you advertise that You know God yet you cause people to hate Me and doubt Me…because you allow sin, you allow those in your church to hurt each other and argue about worldy things like the color of church carpet… you take not the sider of the abused, to remove their yokes as I do and My servants do. You take the side of the abuser because you love the money they give to you that you use on your pleasures, not to remove burdens on the oppressed. You love the volunteer service that these congregants give to you, free help to help you reach your lofty, demonic goals. Your love of money is causing souls to go to hell and turn away from Me.

You misrepresent ME and those who do not know Me wander into your synagogue of satan all dressed up like a mouse trap. Come on in, we will make you more a child of the devil than we are. You run training centers for satan. You say you represent Me, then why are the oppressed not set free with My LOVE? Why aren’t those who weep, wept with? Why do people leave your counsel room or church service empty with no answers from Word? You ignore My Word and My purposes, therefore I ignore You. I SEE your heart, you cannot hide it from Me. STOP ABUSING THE SHEEP, stop fleecing the sheep, stop making disciples for satan, teaching people to worship you because you have called yourself a pastor and I have not set you in that place. I did not say go to seminary to become a pastor. I didn’t say learn business strategies and the ways of the world to manipulate people to come to church so you can get their money so you can build a big fancy building. Most of you false shepherds don’t know your flock, don’t care about their pain – which I came to HEAL. You are to have Me as your example. How did I treat the afflicted? Those bound with demons and sorrow? You spit on the poor. Woe, for I see how you treat the poor and needy souls who are thirsting. You give them worldly words to drink and not My Love.

You are destined for the blackest of darkness, you Pharisees. You stand before people who have souls that I desire to be with me in Heaven. You tell them to worship and honor you and on special days you ordain they give you cards and money to honor you, when some of these sheep can’t even pay their bills.

I Myself did not come on earth to be honored like you love to be honored. You are proud that your name is famous, showing you are not Mine. I poured out My life and sought Father so I would know His will and I chose to DO My Father’s will, not My own. How dare you think that you are better than Me, Jesus Christ Who came in the flesh to pay for sin, and so that My Spirit would live in people, that My Word would be written on their hearts and minds so they would not need any human to teach them! How dare you think that you are better than other people, obeying the ways and sins of the world. You act like friends of the world and its philosophies; you do not teach and equip the saints for the working of their ministries…you do not teach people to seek Me. Because if they DID seek Me, they would see that I said that there would be wolves AMONG the church. Goats who even operate in My gifts, thinking they are oh so special…this is pride and while My Word will not return void, your soul is still in peril because you pride in my gifts as though they are your own because I DO NOT HEAR YOUR PRAYERS OR WORSHIP BECAUSE YOU LOVE PRIDE. I give My gifts to ANYONE who will humble self before Me, you are nothing special. I do not have favorites. And I do not delight in the death of the wicked. All who love and serve self are wicked. Is this YOU, oh who call yourself My servant, a pastor to people? Come to Me, let us talk about this together, now, before you wake up in hell, sorry that you did not take the time to seek Me or obey Me.

You ask for revival and shout and command Me to move. You want My revival so that you can gain more for your flesh to glory in. You want notoriety, you want the biggest church, and all the money and worship from people. This is demonic, worldly wisdom… and this shows that you do not belong to Me at all. If you hate, YOU ARE NOT MINE. Hating Me means to disobey Me. Hate means to accept gossip and not reject it. Hate means that your personal life is more important than caring for the sheep Whom I have purchased, they belong to Me, NOT YOU… and you depend on people to give you money so you can live comfortably. All who are Mine depend on ME by faith. Only. I am not in any of this. Your big house and the honor of men, like the Pharisees, is all the reward that you are slated to receive. Unless you repent humbly before Me…do this now while there is still breath in you. I can require your life at any moment. Do not test Me. I said where your treasure is, there is your heart. If your heart is not 100% MINE, then you are not Mine at all.

Many souls have gone to Hell, which you REFUSE to preach about. Hell’s mouth has been widened because you were never appointed by ME for the ministry. You don’t love Me, or else You would obey My commands, to Love (obey) Me with 100% of you and give My love to others. Many souls in your congregations have NEVER been told to seek Me with all their hearts. Many in your church, in which you take so much pride, are on their way to hell and you do not care, as long as they keep coming back to be entertained and beaten into submission to you. You are not a servant to Me washing feet of the thirsty souls, you set yourself up as god. You love the worship of men. You who refuse to wash feet and serve the saints in My humble love… admit that My Spirit did not choose you for the ministry, shown by your wives who love gossip and slander, by your children who do not love Me. You profane what I call holy.

My ministers do not work for their SELF, they work for Me. They trust ME for their provision and do not command people to give money to them in order to pay for the huge church. I don’t need huge buildings. All that money could be used to help and free the least of these, whom you look down upon when they enter your special church. This is worldly and NOT MY LOVE. The least of these are My test to see if you really do love Me. How you treat them is how you treat Me. Stop killing those who are My sheep and those who want to be My sheep. My disciples are only known by My Love pouring out of them. Not fancy, intellectual sermons. Not the glitter of your church buildings that will perish. Yes, I make everything…all that is beautiful I have created! Yes, it is right to honor Me, and My Temples were a beauty to behold! Yet YOU take pride and glory in the size of your church and congregation instead of giving Me the glory and asking ME what I want you to do with the money and things. Open My Word and learn of My Character. Learn how I love the brokenhearted and ask Me for My love for them. If your building is not a hospital for the wounded, then it is not of Me. It will perish with your greed.

Woe to the false shepherds who promote worldly ways. Who do not weep before Me or seek Me. Ministry is their profession, not a ministry that I have called them to. It is an easy way to make money, a business. 501c3 you say, yet there is MUCH PROFIT. Instead of helping the poor, you send those who are cast down away and tell them to seek the world’s provision for them. There is no sacrificial love because you do not walk by faith in Word regarding your own needs. You think you have to meet your own needs and you have shipwrecked your faith in the thorns of this world, you have fallen in love with your food, comforts, and big buildings. And My least of these are in prison and sick and lame. You present Me as though I have no power or love. That “church’ is a place where everyone feels great and the poor (financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc!) leave your “church” worse off then when they entered because your “sheep” treat them poorly, or you yourself point your angry finger into the abused woman’s face and tell her to pray more. Woe to you compassionless wolf! You will reap exactly what you are sowing, unless you repent in the way I say to repent. There won’t be room to repent in Hell. No one in Heaven will be thinking about you and all your worldly accomplishments in hell. You cannot buy Heaven with the talents and gifts I have given to you that you abuse by using them to gain worldly things for your comfort. Where is the sacrificial love? Do not beg people to come back to church when the drool of greed is dripping out of the corner of your mouth. I will strike you down for seeing my sheep as dollar signs and free help to reach YOUR (not MY) goals. You can never say that I did not warn you. You will remember My loving warnings when you are in hell…let this not happen to you, oh you who pride in your seminary (worldly wisdom of men whom you esteem more than Word) training. I am able to give you all the training you need.

People who left your “church” are “church hurt”…most have been victims of your SPIRITUAL ABUSE. Who is the abuser that you obey, is it not the devil? You cause people to believe that I am the abusive one. You say you represent Me, but if you act in Anything other than MY LOVE, YOU are an ABUSER and Satan is your father, and You are his minister of his, promoting hate, and worldly demonic wisdom.

You do not fool ME but you think that I do not see… because you listen to your father of lies, satan, who tells you that I do not see when you abuse the souls that I created.

Fall on your face and shake with fear before Me! How DARE you mistreat the souls that are seeking to know Me? How dare you think that you are better than the Pharisees who are burning in Hell right now. If I let them, they would tell you to repent, die to self-worship, so that you do not burn forever with them. But even if they came back from the dead to warn you, many of you hirelings would still not believe. I, Jesus Christ, Whom you claim to SERVE, returned from the dead, and you still reject MY ways and replace Word with YOUR WAYS. You really so think that you know better than Me, don’t you? You doubt that what I say in My Word is True. You have no idea about My Holiness and how I regard it, and how I want people to revere it. So many examples in Word of those who profaned My Holiness and of those who honored it. You have so many examples.

You think I will wink at that lie or that little flirtation (adultery in your heart) or you allowing members of your congregation to yell at each other and fight in the flesh with each other. This is not My love and I will not dwell with the proud who love the world.

Hear Me now! Soon I am returning. If you want to be in Heaven with Me you need to change your ways TODAY-RIGHT NOW. If You refuse to bow before Me, if you refuse to believe that I am speaking to you right now, you will perish in hell. If you hesitate at prostrating your heart before Me, Holy God, and repenting of your self love idol, you will burn in hell forever. Blackest of darkness. You think, naw, that isn’t for me, God knows that I am mostly a good person. Where in Word did I say that gets you favor with Me? Oh, Laodicea, you think that I bless you with wealth because you serve Me. Many evil people are blessed with wealth, how do you know that you are not one of them? Wealth is not an indicator of your right stance with me. How many warnings have I given regarding the wealthy in My Word? You are poor unless you buy from Me what I say you need. If you decide to not believe Me, you will have no excuse on Judgement Day when MY WORD, TRUTH is the only standard against which you will be measured. Not the world’s philosophies, not your ‘feelings’, not churchy doctrines of men.

If it isn’t in My Word, it’s a lie. You will be measured against MY STANDARD and most of you who claim the title Pastor… you are found wanting right now. I gave you WORDS out of MY OWN MOUTH, yet you treat MY HOLY WORD as though it means less than your own opinion, even what YOU think and do in your own mind.

You beat the sheep because you fear having to work a real job to support your family. Where in Word is My ministry supposed to be a means to get you wealth plus the worship and honor from men? You are not obeying Me, you are obeying people and the world and satan. So, you will dwell with the one you obey in hell. You love satan and hating people so much, you must know then that you will suffer with your god in hell for ETERNITY. Is that REALLY WORTH your fleeting years of self-worship?

Would you, if I asked you to sell that big church and give all the money to the poor, and in My Love teach them to know, follow, and obey Me? How many homeless poor would come to Me, and live in Heaven with Me, if a church sold its building and helped relieve suffering in this world, in MY Name and in the power and Love that I give My sheep when I abide in them?

Show works of repentance like Zacchaeus did. Show Me that you really don’t love all these material things you have worked so hard to accumulate, like the man who built bigger barns to store his wealth…his life was required that night. I do not honor greed, especially from those who claim to know Me. You don’t know Me at all. I am not fooled. YOU are the ones who are deceived, and YOU do not realize that you are deceived. If I ask you to sell ALL that you have, and ask you to pay the bills of, and give My Love to a widow or an orphan, would you? If I did ask you to house homeless people in that huge church building of yours, would you? Or do the poor cause you to wrinkle up your nose? Do I do that? No. Then why do you do that, who claim to know Me?

This is My last call for you shepherds to amend your ways with Me and stop serving yourself and loving the world. Many are going to hell and have already gone to hell who have attended your church that claims to know Me. The sheep are anorexic because you do not teach them to seek Me, to fill their lamps with My wisdom and Word, to know WORD for themselves, because if they did read My Word they would see that I tell them to turn away from and have nothing to do with evil children of satan who run many churches. Many, so many souls, have turned away from Me because of YOU. THIS is the reward you will receive in hell, for each soul that you caused to turn from Me, you WILL be rewarded, for MY judgements are righteous. Look how much I love you though, I am here warning you to REPENT – STOP living to please your self, the world, and your father satan. If you disobey Me, he is your father, stop fooling yourself. I am not the fool here. And your anger does not please Me or promote My work.

I never asked for programs. I never said to fleece the sheep so you can gain admiration of men. I said kick the leavening sin out of your church. If you don’t, then be sure that the sin you ignore, allow, and even sanction (like not kicking out a wealthy abuser…you love his money and volunteer time that he gives you despite their abusing their spouse, children, others) will be added to your account that you will have to pay for – for eternity. I SAID CORRECT the sheep (after you correct your self) and if they won’t be corrected to KICK THEM OUT AND HAND THEM OVER TO SATAN, those in your churches who do not show My love. Hate means they are not Mine and My servant ministers would warn them of this….so that the rest of My sheep would be protected.

You seek people and trust in men instead of learning how to shepherd from ME. Are you SURE that I actually called you to be a shepherd? Those who are in these positions will be held to a higher accountability, I have told you in My Word. Like in Acts, Bible-obeying men with godly wives and families actually sought Me on EVERY would-be minister’s behalf and prayed for confirmation from ME to see if I did in fact choose them to be a minister? Not many pastors are chosen this way in modern times, meaning that most pastors are NOT Mine, NOT chosen by Me. You are like King Saul, not chosen by Me. Look at the evidence of his life. He did not represent Me. Neither did the Pharisees. But the people looked at the outward stature of men, how funny their sermons are, etc., and chose empty, narcissistic vessels of dishonor to lead them.

This is it. You can shrug this off as though I am not speaking to you. If I touch on something in your heart that is your treasure but not My treasure, will you resist giving it to Me? Look in Word at those whom I commend. What are their hearts before Me like? How did I rescue and provide for them? You are not even saved if you do not love Me, know Me, walk by faith in Me, like they did. Abraham knew Me. Daniel knew Me. If you were thrown to the lions right now, you would be devoured because I do not hear the prayers of the prideful.

This message is for any pastor or church leader who really does want to know Me. You see the hate in the church. I said that all will know who My disciples are because they will see MY LOVE in you. Let Me break up your hardened heart now so in these last days I can do greater works through you. Only My will being done on earth means anything. It is MY WORK, and MY GLORY. If you take My glory from Me, you will pay for that. Repent now and ask Me what the church should be like. What I want according to what I have stated in My Word. My Word is to be written on your heart and mind. If it is not, seek Me about this, ask Me is you have indeed, accepted My New Covenant. You should look nothing like the world, but look so peculiar to the world that they want to kill you…this is persecution of all who are Mine, just as the world hated Me, it should hate you also. If the world loves you then you are not Mine. If men praise you for your insights and doctrines you are not Mine and you steal My glory. My Kingdom is about men seeing Me in you and giving ME glory.

If there is no love for the poor, if you do not Isaiah 58, then so not ask Me to bless you. I don’t hear you. You waste your breath. Eternity is one breath away and I am the Only One Who has the power to cast your soul into hell. Why fear men? Why fear lack? Why fear at all…fear is not in those who really know Me, in whom I abide. Some of My saints trust Me for their next meal or their bills every month. I Provide for those who trust in Me, not their flesh. When I provide and heal and answer prayer, My saints gain Word of testimony of My goodness in Christ Jesus – with which they overcome sin and the world and with My Blood. How will you overcome if you do not learn to trust Me for everything? Laodicea, you do not see how blind and naked you are…come to Me!! I have what you need!

If you do not seek Me about this, you will remember this warning for eternity in hell. Most in hell live with the biggest regret of not choosing to bow down before Me and seek Me with ALL their heart and obey Me by Loving Me 100% and loving others with My love. In hell, the souls suffer as they pay for their sins and are rewarded by My righteous judgement for not loving Me or others in obedience to the Words from My Mouth. They have their reward in hell for eternity. They were warned. Now, YOU, oh the ones who CALL YOURSELVES My children, MY shepherds. Come to Me without delay and let us examine your heart, align your heart with My Word NOW, or else we will do this together on judgement day, and it will be too late once I separate the sheep from the goats. You think you will be able to argue with Me on that day, I will simply command you to depart, you workers of iniquity.

Most of you modern-day shepherds give satan glory and promote his ways of self love and hate for the downtrodden, just like 1/3 of My angels who saw Me and My Heaven, yet they still hated Me and obeyed Lucifer as he fell… you are not greater than they. If you do not learn of Me on HOW TO LOVE ME AND OTHERS the way I say to, then you will not be surprised when you are in Hell. YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU SENT YOURSELF THERE, you won’t be able to pretend that you are Mine there. You won’t fool anyone there. You will be rewarded in hell for every soul that you caused to go there, for every soul that I brought to you that you beat and used for your own glory you will be required to answer for.

Follow MY example. Toss the worldly wisdom that elevates man’s intellect that you learned from seminary, and soak in My Word, repent of your sin before Me and ask Me to teach you so that you may be saved, so I can remove the log in your eye, so that you will walk according to My Spirit. You cannot walk according to My Spirit if I do not live in you. I do not live in those who merely profess belief in Me. The demons believe in Me, yet they love to serve satan as they can not love. If you act like them now, do not be surprised when you dwell with them for eternity. Stop allowing people to worship you, NOW. My angel messengers prevented men from worshipping them. I expect this of those who want to serve Me also. Any gift you have is from ME and the sheep need to know this and that I can give them these same gifts! Tell them, or else you will answer to Me about why you loved the honor, glory, and worship of men.

Woe to any who calls their self Mine but refuses to seek and humble before Me! Your breath is in My hand. The time to seek Me humbly is now! Let Me be your teacher. I know how to Shepherd, only I know how it is to be done according to Father God’s will.


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