CALL OUT! – Laura McClung


May 31, 2020 6:38 PM
Laura McClung


The Lord says, This is a call out for my Flock, You should watch My clock, Remember who you are and why you are, Quit worrying about a rogue star, Quit crying at the bar, Yes storms are coming out of the norms, So don’t be blue, See, so are you. I have not forgotten you,

You are my lights in the darkness, You shall be my providers in the starkness, Your lights shall shine beyond the darkness, You will bring my HOLY FIRE into the cold, For you shall be sent forth young and old, You see, Who I am must be told , For to I the Lord You have been sold, You have been bought with a price, See it was MY sacrifice, You must get beyond tech device, For it must be my advice, Things written before time began, It’s all part of my plan to save man,

Look beyond today’s events, look beyond the homeless tents, For when you intercede the enemy you do impede, For I the Lord shall provide, For I the Lord am on your side, What you declare in the Spirit , Speak when you hear it, For then in the physical it will manifest, I don’t expect you not to feel but look to Me for what is real, Look to me for your Holy meal, For you see you carry my Holy seal, Children do not fear for your redemption draws near, Don’t worry about what you‘ll wear or what you will eat, For I care, So do not walk in defeat,

Do not rehearse the enemy’s lies, Stay out of things that I despise. My people will be courageous and wise, So the last day harvest shall arise. I have opened the doors to my things that have not been seen before, But I say My Warriors RISE UP !
And let me fill your cup, It’s time to war even more, Don’t wait for demons to show up at your door, Plead My blood over the doorposts of you hearts and homes, For you see I have not left you all alone, You shall go beyond what’s on your phone, You shall go beyond the national Police and Guard, You must pray for them even if it is hard, You must pray for those in the hospital ward, And for relief of those in grief, Pray for Christians belief, That their Faith will not fail, You must sing, trivial and wail, Then you my loved ones shall in Me prevail,

Saith The Lord

Word of The Lord
Thru Laura McClung


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