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California quake and the Ring of Fire

July 3, 2020
Matthew 24:7-8 (KJV)
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows

In this website, I have posted many revelation of the earthquake in California. Today when I listen to our brother you know sharing the words of the Lord, he mentioned the same thing I saw. I brought out from my files, what I saw about the magnitude of the quake and the quakes in the regions of the ring of fire. We know what is coming to California and this revelation includes the magnitude. The first and the second revelation given here will help us have a better idea of what holds for the region. Take everything to the Lord.

California 9.1 Earthquake
(Revelation of December 16, 2018 3:00AM)

It is in the valley, looks low land likea the lake, filled with water and at the crevices of the lower end of the valley, I see a big earthquake in the scale of 9.1, clearly reveled. Following that are many smaller
4.5s and many, many smaller quakes around it
Three days ago, I saw the same Earthquake in the same region. It is coming, the big one!!

California in focus, West Cost and Pacific Ring of Fire shaken!!!
(Revelation of February 12, 2018)

This is what the Lord showed me. I was not frightened, I was not shaken, vey at eas, simple and clear I see the map of the world, like the maps which shows Earthquakes. I see enormous Earthquake, different in magnitude. The area of focus is in the western side of North and South America and the Pacific.

I see good number of Earthquakes in California, ranging from the North all the way to the South. Right on the center of California LA, at the center, I see a big, huge Earthquake, marked with red circle, a big one. As far as the magnitude is concerned, nothing of which I have seen in any map. That area is the focus and larger than the rest.

The next I saw the mountain ranges of South America, all the way from the North to the South. There is a swarm of Earthquake, Chile Earthquake, swarms, some small scale some larg scale but not comparable to the one in California.

Then I see the pacific. I questioned the pacific too? There are spares Earthquakes on the pacific ocean with different magnitudes

Then I gazed to the Rest of the region, the pacific ring of fire, all are swarmed with big Earthquakes. All at ones and all marked like red circles.

I didn’t see buildings collapse or people die. In all the previous distinct many Earthquakes, I have seen, the devastation, collapse of buildings, the shaking of mountain ranges and the death are staggering.
This is the last warning. By now the whole world knows the fate of California, scientifically and prophetically.

The Lord have shown me many events long before and right before it happens.

The Time is now, with this, the storm cascades.
Huge, mega Earthquake.
(Revelation of June 18, 2020. ~2:30AM)

I see a very big earthquake west of Australia. It is on the map marked with a strong yellow color. This is so big, it is the size of Australia west cost itself. Part of it on the land and part of it on the ocean,. There has never ever been an earthquake like this. I though it is real and wondered this big an earthquake?

The one I saw North of Japan, few weeks ago was big but this is the size of the east cost of Australia.
This is way much way beyond the scale and beyond human imagination.


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  1. chockylover

    I live in Australia, Queensland to be exact. You mentioned the West of it, maybe Western Australia, yes? Even so scary times ahead not just for my country but America also. Im happy to get warnings so I can prepare and try to warn others. God bless you.😯

  2. Lisa B Ward

    I live on the east coast of Australia. They Lord showed me a map in a flash vision of western australia. It had a red vertical line running down parallel with the western coastline. I immediately felt it must be an earthquake zone. Doing some research I found what looks very close to what I saw. It’s called the Darling Fault. Thank you for the confirmation.

  3. McKana

    Yes, west of Australia.
    It is all over, no land is going to be spared
    If you try to see what is posted under McKana, you will find many revelations and visions. .
    Be ready primarily spiritually and stay close to the Lord.

    God bless you.

  4. McKana

    Dear Lisa B Ward.
    God bless you and thank you,. What the Lord showed you is a confirmation.
    I have no idea that west Australia has a fault line.
    I just wrote what the Lord showed me.

    Isn’t this amazing. It is jus like California’s San Andrea fault line, 1500km long, North to South

    This what I found:-

    “The Darling Fault is one of the longest and most significant faults in Australia, extending for at least 1500 km in a north–south orientation near the west coast of southern Western Australia. It is a major geological boundary separating the Archaean Yilgarn Craton in the east from the younger Pinjarra Orogen and overlying Phanerozoic Perth Basin to the west.”
    Before humanity know anything about the fault line running from the Red see all the way to Turkey passing through the Olive garden this is what is written in the Bible 2,500 years ago,

    Zechariah 14:4 (KJV)
    4 And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.

    This is also what the Lord showed me when He comes the second time-The land at the olive garden splitting North to South.

    The Lord always surprises me.

    God bless you

  5. Cindy Green

    All these prophecies on here say America will be no more but this prophecy says different….it says rebuilding is coming quickly and God is not giving up on America…..I have seen others along this line too…..whose right?

  6. McKana

    Dear Cindy Green.
    God is a just God. See for yourself around you. What do you see?
    A land declared to be worst than Sodom and Gomorrah to rebuild is unimaginable.
    3, 000 babies a day, think!
    Did you see the news yesterday a rainbow flag flying high in the US embassy in Moscow and the comment Putin made? Beyond the border.
    Can you watch a single tv series comfortably?
    Do you see any repentance any where, nationwide?
    Prosperity Gospel, false preaching and sweet to the ears teachings are the cunning deceptive ways of the devil.

    This country is under Judgement of Almighty God for what it has done here and all over the world for decades.
    When an all out storm is building all around us, to think of rebuilding is not from the Lord at all.

    There is no room for compromise. One loves the world or the Lord.

    Watch the true words of Dana here in the headlines of this website and the many countless warnings and prophesies here in this website and everywhere.

    Don’t be deceived, get you house in order for what is coming is not what any human being can shoulder.

    Time to Repent, not to look towards worldly matters.

  7. Cindy Green

    McKana, I wholeheartly agree with everything you said and agree with the prophecies on this site!
    I have asked the Lord about this but I just don’t understand how someone like the person in this video, can speak so passionately and not be the true voice of God. Yes, I know Satan can speak with a silver tongue and their is much delusimant out there. Her and her husband seem like they have a good ministry. I felt nothing off as I listened to it.
    I am praying earnestly for more discernment!

  8. McKana

    Thank you Dear Cindy Green.
    I heard the video after you pointed it for us.
    Very attractive, with the verses from the Bible and I wondered, do such kind of people know they are deceived? To be deceived is one thing, to deceive many after getting deceived is the worst since it involves many souls.

    When they start telling things are getting better, stay away. There no better time coming except in heaven and after Jesus comes for the Kingdom, then there will be true peace.

    For now, the word is, have Faith Endure to the end.

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