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Calamity Is Coming – Cornell de Beer 

Calamity Is Coming

April 29, 2020 7:26 AM
Cornell de Beer

Good morning everyone, just want to share a couple visions I’ve recieved from our Lord over the last few weeks.

In the first vision I saw the floor of the ocean tilt from right to left x4 at about 30 degrees. Right after that I saw an absolute monster wave with a boat at the top of the wave.

In the second vision i was in a moving vehicle on a road. It was cloudy and i remember a few raindrops on the windscreen. The feeling I had was that I was in the USA.

The next moment the earth started to tilt from right to left x4. I would say again at about a 30 degree angle tilt as in the first vision. Not to scary at the time but afterwards thinking about it rather daunting.

The Lord has given me a few states in America that will be affected over time, all was coastal except for Kentucky, New Mexico and Missouri.

The confirmations I’ve recieved after the first vision:

1 Samuel 12

God’s people turned away from Him time after time worshiping idols and other God’s. Ever merciful God that was and still is, always forgiving. Until finally the king and his people where consumed, destroyed. The hand of God is against those that don’t follow Him, don’t obey Him and rebel against His commandment.

The Lord send thunder and rain. I believe flood to come in areas where it does not normally rain or places that is not in rain season as rain was not usual in wheat harvest time.

God is merciful, slow to anger and forgiving to his own but if people continue to be wicked God will swept them away.

Ezekiel 38

We see more overflowing of rain, hail stones, earthquake, fire and pestilence.

In Matthew 28, another earthquake. We must teach the Nasions not only of our Lord Jesus Christ but also about the Kingdom of God. Jesus rules spiritually now but one day Jesus will reign from David’s throne as God always intended. Our Lord has put the importance of His Kingdom a lot on my heart these last few days. This was our Lord Jesus ministry and we ought to do the same as His disciples.

Mark 1:15

The time has come, he (Jesus) said. The Kingdom of God is near. Repent and spread the good news!

1 Samuel 14

God often do miracles for His people, if we can do what we can do. God will provide for His believing people, just like He did in the past. God looks for believing souls that will recieve His power and Grace. Unusually brave people that love and only fear God and to do His will.

Night before last night, I’ve heard in my spirit calamity. I’m not English so I had to use good old Google. An event that causes great and often sudden damage, distress or disaster.

A few examples, massive earth quakes, huge landslides, devastating hurricanes, gruesome terrorist attacks or the onset of deadly diseases.

The Lord also said in my spirit, East Africa.

Please take this to Father for confirmation, take care and stay safe.

God bless.


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