Burn Notice! Part 2 – Benjamin Faircloth

Burn Notice! Part 2

Sep 29, 2019
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America, what time is it? Do you even know? Do you even care? I’ve called you to repent but you rejected My calling. I drew you to My side by, My Grace and Love but you rejected Me and have forsaken your duty and desire to worship Me!

I have no choice but to execute My judgment upon you. A heavy hand and a heavy heart awaits you at your next turn. My Grace is sufficient but you have frustrated it. Now exposure will accelerate for the world to see!

Your enemies laugh and scorn you, -for your systems of governance are broken and worn out-tattered because you would not allow Me in -you’ve abandoned Me therefore I will abandon you! What will you do at the hour of your visitation? Darkens has arrived but it’s going to get darker!

Find My Light and holdfast to your faith, for soon many will be shipwrecked on this ship of fools, for they embraced a false dream and they have followed a false vision of a nation without Me. Foolish are they that put their trust in a man!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 12)

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