Burn Notice! – Benjamin Faircloth

Burn Notice!
May 26, 2019
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America, how much further do you think your road to greatness leads? Do you really think there’s a pot of gold for everyone at the end of your journey? Are you that naive to NOT notice or discern the world around you? America your time has come to do what your destined to do-to become the launching pad of the Beast System! Your time has come to give birth to the son of perdition! Your time has come to open your doors for business, with the one who will destroy My Church-through persecution and much pain! America your hour of war has arrived, in a scale beyond your ability to comprehend! These are the warnings I’ve given you through My Servants the Prophets, year after year! Yet you won’t listen, therefore I will act to preserve My Name and to enforce My Will. Because it has been written, it will be so! Church, do not fear the laws of the land nor the fires of persecution to come, for I will raise you up in that hour. I will protect and provide, for surely it will seem as the enemy has won, but remember the 3rd day! As I raised My Son, so shall I raise you into eternal life! Be prepared says your God- to ride out the coming storms. Find your place in Me, for all you need I HAVE and I AM!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 19)

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