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Broken Covenant – Karen Newberry

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Broken Covenant

January 15, 2023 11:12 AM
Karen Newberry

I had a dream this morning and in this dream I was holding the 10 commandments written on this stone slab and as I was holding the slab it broke in half and hit the ground I woke shortly after the words I heard was “broken covenant” seeking the Lord about this he started to speak to me I covered my head and began to listen. I received this 1/15/23 at 10:45am please take this to the Lord and seek him for confirmation. This is the word

Daughter it is I write,
Daughter I showed you the 10 commandments broken within your hands the covenant of the u.s is broken
My people I warn to turn from your wicked ways come back to me the father I AM the good shepherd I AM the prince of peace I will break your chains
Oh, America how you let your chains be a yoke around your neck
Judgement is now set Babylon the great for your king shall fall and a queen shall arise her plans for you Babylon will crush your world
Hear ye, hear ye the Lord of Host speaks I come quickly within 1 hour Babylon shall fall
Her wings will be cropped off no longer soaring through the air
The wicked will fall my bride will come forth to my throne and sing HOLY HOLY is the LAMB that was SLAIN
Daughter my return is soon but first darkness comes a time of separating the wheat from the tares
HOLY is my name
Confess your sins before me and my people and I will forgive you the time is short

Rest daughter love Yeshua Hamashiach

The Lord lead me to rev 7 and rev 18:10 and rev 19:2

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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