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BRIGHT LIGHT – Victoria Ang


May 23, 2022 10:33 AM
Victoria Ang


Since late yesterday I received a vision from the Lord.In the vision I was looking up at the sky. The sky was totally covered with rainbow colors. It was magnificent to behold. As I continued to watch the sky I saw a BRIGHT LIGHT come through and lite up the colors of the rainbow in the sky. Illuminating the colors with this BRIGHT LIGHT. Then the colors started to swirl around mixing the colors to make more beautiful colors. The colors started to form a spout. And started to drip to the earth. At first it was a light trickle then started to pour out in a heavy rain. Each drop had the rainbow color and the bright light. That lite up the airway falling to earth. Each drop sparkled with a RADIANT GLOW.Such a incredibly AWESOME sight. And I heard a thunderous voice from the Lord saying “ MY GLORY WILL FALL! GET READY”!!!

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