Bride you will not be leaving in a calm environment – Wendi Lee

…Bride you will not be leaving in a calm environment…you have no discernment…idolatry that makes you feel good…

Tough Message From Father received August 6. 2017 by Sister Wendi Lee

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Are you ready my children for if you say you are not there is no excuse. I have been extremely patient and long suffering for all of my children to come to my son Yeshua. For Him to ready you for my wrath and judgment. Make no mistake My Lovely Bride you will not be leaving in a calm environment. When I send My Son Yeshua there will be such chaos that He will have to come get you in order to save your flesh from being completely being destroyed. Remember my little doves, I AM God Jehovah and there is no one like me. I AM the eternal Godhead there is none other. Many who call themselves Christians only use this name for an identification tag of religiousness. Many of My Church are in this number. Why is it that you do not understand My Son’s speech? It is because you have no discernment of God Almighty’s Holy Word. You go around from neighbor to neighbor with idle hands and itchy ears. God Almighty tells you My truths but you turn to idolatry that makes you feel good only in the flesh. Does this please me my ignorant and unwise children? If you truely know My Son Yeshua you will certainly know My good pleasure. This is all get ready Church ! Ask My Son to draw nigher to you if you only will draw nigher to Him. Papa God Yaheveh has spoken.

Transcribed from Youtube 6Aug17 Welcome to King Yeshua’s, the King of Kings Bible Study


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