Breaking of the third seal, it’s show time – Cornell de Beer

Breaking of the third seal, it’s show time

July 19, 2020 12:15 PM
Cornell de Beer

Dear brother and sisters, two message I would like to share with you. Please take to beloved Father God in prayer.

John 15 4-5 Abide in me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine; no more can ye except you abide in me.

Recieved 18/07/2020

My children how long do you think I should wait before you except and realise that the End is at hand. You still want to continue to frolic around, enjoying your earthly pleasures.

The time is now. By the end of December you will see much destruction on earth. The clock is still ticking but we are out of time, I am waiting for the last of My children to be baptized with My Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12 verse 12-13)

It is SHOW TIME. Are you ready My children? Are you ready for the most amazing time in history?

(This amazing time I believe refer to all the miracles God’s chosen will do in His name for His glory but most importantly bringing many of His children to salvation and finally uniting the long awaiting bride with Jesus our Lord and Saviour.)

Verily verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass before the Son of Man has come about in His appearance. His armour and hair is whiter then snow, His eyes like a blazing furnace and in His hands He holds seven stars. He is your King and Saviour Jesus the Messiah, the first the last and who is to come.

(Revelation 19:12,
Revelation 1: 8 and 16,
Mark 13: 28-32,
Luke 21: 32 and Matthew 24: 30, John 1:1).

I AM ask again, are you ready? Ready or not, hear I come. Keep your eyes fixed on the heavenlies, your redemption draws near. (Luke 21: 28)

I said I will be with you until the end of times. I am your Redeemer and Saviour, abide in Me and I will abide in you. No more fear children, My wrath is not for you. Don’t cease praying, I draw near.

Your faithful Father
I love you My precious, stay strong in Me.

Specific scripture recieved:

Isaiah 41
Matthew 25

The number 1145 which means weep, shed tears.
John 11 verse 35. Jesus wept.

Ruach Elohim has also given me:

“Sudden destruction” and “I have called but no one answered.”

1 Thessalonians 5 verse 3.

The Lord woke me up on the 4th of July 2020 with Isaiah 65 and with a message but I’m sad, disappointed and ashamed to say I didn’t post it. I had some doubt in me if it was really from our Lord because I saw different prophetic posts in the past and according to that some say we are already on seal 4, some say 5 and one even 6. I’ve being under much attack like I think most of us and my confidence knocked but I only want to fear God and not what man can say or do to me. Please forgive me. I humbly ask again that you please take this in prayer to Abba Father God as we should with every dream, vision and word we get and test all spirits.

Isaiah 65 Summery: Judgement and Salvation.

The Lord answer the prayer of the Remnant and will bless His genuine servants. The Lord will be a resting place for His herd, those that seek Him.

His servants will eat, drink and rejoice but the obstinate people, they will go thirsty, hungry and put to shame. The Lord will no longer be silent but measure back into them full payment for their sins.

The Lord will create new heavens and a new earth, the former things will not be remembered. He will rejoice in Jerusalem and in His people. The sound of crying and weeping will be no more.


Beloved just as Halloween is a “behind the scene perverted day” so is the 4th of July. There is many secrets of the enemy that you don’t know but I see and know it all. The 4th of July is a day that I AM is mocked by your so called leaders. Those that are ignorant of that fact I take pity on but those that participate, fully knowing what they are really celebrating will be severely punished.

America I have warned you so many times yet you still have not turned away from your obominations. A life of holiness is to much for you, a life of getting to know your Maker is not something you are interested in. You prefer to stay on the wide road and so it shall be. The destruction will start, My judgements is coming your way. I am breaking the third seal. Eternity with Me your God and Maker is a long time but eternity in the lake of fire will feel even longer. The doom of your country is upon you. You are slaves to Satan but that’s what you chose instead of My freedom and never-ending love.

My beloved you know in what season you are in, I want to encourage you. Just look ahead to My warm embrace and tender care. Father love you little children, hold on tight to Me. Not long now and we will be united.

Your loving Abba Father God
Daddy love you.

Please we must spent as much time with our Lord Jesus as we can so that our lamps may be filled with His precious oil and be part of His five wise virgins.
I pray for each and everyone of you my brothers and sisters daily and that we may be worthy to escape what has to pass.

Revelation 6 verse 5 and 6.

When the lamb open the third seal, I heard the living creature say, “Come!” I looked back and there before me was a black horse. It’s rider holding a pair of scales in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beast say, A measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny; and see tho hurt not the oil and the wine.

God bless

Ps: Psalm 103 is a beautiful Psalm to study by King Dawid in more depth, to come to a more fuller understanding how much God really really love us. God’s love and mercy is from everlasting to everlasting to those that fear Him and keep His commandments.

Love to you all in these final times in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord King and Saviour.


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  1. Pr. Aaron

    God is not a God of confusion.
    The seals will be opened in the Order that the Word of God affirms. Seals 3 or 4 or 5 or other will not be opened if the 1st and 2nd seals are not opened.
    The first seals show that there will be war between the White Horse Agent and the Red Horse Agent, who are two leaders of nations with great power for war.
    This will be the beginning of the end.
    Seals 3 and 4 are consequences of this war, which will bring great mortality, hunger, pests and food prices will rise due to the difficulties of planting, harvesting and also logistical difficulties.
    So all you want to say about the next stamps being opened is speculation or imagination of those who say so.
    God does things in Order and does not confuse His Word.
    Do not believe it when someone says that we are already on the 5th seal or any other.
    In these times, many want glory for themselves and imagine vain things.
    Those who fear God and seek him with humility of heart know that God will do as he announced in his Word and not in the way that men imagine.

    Pr. Aaron

  2. Carla

    I had asked the Lord a few months ago where we are in His timeline and I was given a dream of a black horse giving the understanding that famine is near . (Third seal) I didn’t expect this dream at all. You can already see this starting to happen with food shortages, the limited meat we can buy, and now you need exact change because of no coins .

  3. Peter

    First few seals were opened long ago they run there course over a period of time and intensify

  4. Pr. Aaron

    If we are on the 3rd seal of the book of Revelation, we are the happiest people in the world, because nothing is missing and the tribulation that the Word of God exhorts us would be just a passing wind.
    Men imagine what they want, but when the ordeal really comes, with the opening of the first two seals, men will begin to moan and pass out from fear.
    Make no mistake, when God says that there will be great destruction, there will really be great destruction, it is not small. When he says there will be hunger and pestilence, it will be no small matter. 140,000 Covid deaths are nothing compared to what is to come.
    And the Church will be here until the 7th. and last Trumpet. Prepare to be tested in the fire and if you stand firm you will be approved by the Lord.

    Pr. Aaron

  5. gustolphusadolphus

    The tribulation starting with the “seals” won’t begin until he who restrains the mystery of iniquity is taken out of the way, the Church being raptured. “December” is probably when the 50 states surrender to the coming invaders, Russian, Chinese and UN troops as per one interpretation of Elizabeth Marie’s dream/vision of the white flags.

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