Break Free From Babylon! – Elizabeth Marie

By Elizabeth Marie

Saturday March 3, 2018
Break Free From Babylon!

On the night 25the of February I received two words and a dream vision. While receiving them, I heard in the background over and over again ‘ BABYLON.’

I then heard:

‘She shall receive double for her sins’

A vision appeared of two cups/mugs. The first one was very fat and wide and the other was very tall and skinny. While seeing the cups, I heard the words,

‘Two cups of wrath.’

When I awoke I knew immediately knew that this was pointing to the ‘Mystery Babylon’ . In Revelation 18:6 it says:

“Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done. Pour her a double portion from her own cup ”

This verse confirms the words that I heard—that there is going to a DOUBLE JUDGMENT on the Babylonian systems. I believe that the two cups that I saw were standing for the political system (the ‘fat’ cup representing wealth) and the religious system (the ‘tall’ cup representing reaching up to GOD, tower of Babel)……these are the New World Order and the One World Religion. Each will receive the wrath of GOD once their cup is full of indignation.

Many believe that America is Babylon, however, that is only part of the picture. She is entangled with the elites throughout the world that are now trying to rule globally. She is part of the political system that is systemically being set up step by step.

Jeremiah 51 is a chapter that has dual and layer meanings. The judgments that were proclaimed for that time, also refers to the end of the age. I knew that this chapter had many references to what seemed like America. The more I studied it, I also found that it definitely points to the prophetic end times New World Order/Religion.

There are many overlapping prophecies seen in Jeremiah 51 an the Book of Revelation that are very interesting: Men and horses looking like locusts; the ‘golden cup in the LORD’s hands,’ which points to the Mystery Babylon, the harlot; and the command to ‘come out of her MY people, so you don’t partake in her sins.’

However, the two verses that the LORD pointed me to after receiving the above vision/words were found in verses 24 and 49:

“Before your eyes I will repay Babylon and all who live in Babylonia for all the wrong they have done in Zion,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 51:24

“Before your eyes I will repay Babylon and all who live in Babylonia for all the wrong they have done in Zion,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 51:49

Ancient Babylon was judged because of the evil treatment of Israel. This was THE reason ancient Babylon was overthrown and destroyed as a nation. If ‘patterns’ and ‘types’ apply, then this would also be one of the main reasons why MYSTERY BABYLON will be destroyed!

I believe that we are going to see all nations come against Israel and when they do, the LORD will be stepping in and will destroy all her enemies—which is religious and political Babylon. Therefore, anyone who hates and does evil to Israel falls into the ‘camp’ of the Babylonian system. This is satan’s main objective—to destroy GOD’s people, both Jews and Christians. (Revelation 12)

Babylon will not be judged until almost the very end of the prophetic timeline, as we can see in Revelation 16. Till that time, we must remain completely ‘outside’ and ‘separate’ of these two systems, so that we will not partake in her sins and therefore be judged accordingly.

The churches are quickly falling for the ecumenical movement that is spreading through the western world. This push for ‘unity’ will lead many down the road to destruction, as they come into agreement with the MOTHER of ALL HARLOTS.

In conclusion, while writing this article I heard these words:


I believe that the LORD is giving us a ‘heads-up, dear brothers and sisters! Pray that we can escape such deceptions that are everywhere now, and stand FIRM upon the ROCK OF JESUS, the WORD OF GOD, and break off the chains that want to enslave us.


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