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Brace Yourselves – Barbara Francis


Brace Yourselves

January 11, 2022
Barbara Francis


Brace yourselves, for the time of Gods visitation is at hand . I will humble the proud, lower the arrogant, I will make the rich men poor. I will send upon you a distant nation a people whose language you do not understand they will conquer you and take you captive. The blood soaked land cries to me day and night . I have heard the out cry. Your sin is greater then Sodom and Gomorrah your abomination is more wicked and has been paraded before me. Your evil behavior towards your children is despicable. You murder them in the womb , sacrifice them to Baal, abuse them , sell them into captivity to evil men. You have made evil good. Your life revolves around your money and pleasure. While the poor and the needy starve and live in the street you have grown fat and lazy. You have become complacent. You have eyes and do not see . You have ears and do not hear. Like the fattened sheep you are ready for the slaughter. Your punishment will be more severe then that of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is THE DAY OF RECKONING. I have given you ample time to come to me and to know me and to REPENT. Have you done this?. Do you know who I AM ? I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA , I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END I AM THE LION OF JUDAH, I AM THE KING OF KINGS. I AM YOUR REDEEMER, I AM coming quickly and I bring my reward with me.

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