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Brace Yourself – Liberty Turnipseed


Brace Yourself

Jun 26, 2020
Liberty Turnipseed
Spirit Move Ministry

Word received by the Lord on June 25, 2020 Lord gave me this vision in my worship time… And spoke this word as a follow-up to the word I spoke the storm is coming… Liberty Turnipseed


Auto Generated Transcript

about a
year ago I had a prophetic dream that we
were somewhere I was somewhere with my
family and the church staff and we were
going swimming and we were hanging out
in a body of water and there was a huge
iceberg behind us and so this iceberg
was just sitting there and next thing
you know as I’m facing the other way
from behind me I hear a cracking I hear
a loud cracking and then I look and I
see the iceberg begin to fall it slips
and then it slips a
and then I turned to my husband and the
church staff as we’re hanging out in the
water and I said here it comes
and the next thing you know the iceberg
fell and then all of a sudden waves of
water came and they started throwing us
around we were being thrown around but
the entire time our head was being kept
above water we were we weren’t drowning
I didn’t feel afraid I felt as though
when I saw the iceberg crack in the
dream I remember feeling like I knew it
was coming and I knew that whatever was
coming was gonna have to do with God’s
glory coming in time harvest shaking the
harvest loose it had to do with souls
that are gonna be brought in and the
glory that was going to come from the
waves and so fast forward a year goes by
were coming into the pandemic and the
Lord begins to speak to me all these
different visions before Pentecost
Sunday in preparation and so in
preparation for Pentecost Sunday the
Lord’s telling me all these things he
gives me a vision of fire falling upon
the earth the entire earth then he gives
me a vision of the ground and water
bubbling up and just slowly bubbling up
and flowing on to the ground it’s
beginning to cover the earth then he
gave me a vision of waves and so fast
forward past Pentecost Sunday and I’m
keeping track of all this in my journal
and I say to the Lord as we’re going you
know speak to me when you want me to
release this if there’s a word with it
or what you’re saying I believe some of
those were in preparation for Pentecost
the prayer time that the fasting
everything that we did so here we are we
fast forward and then I have the vision
of the anchor in the storm and if you go
back watch that video and you’ll know
what I’m talking about the word I
released about the prophetic vision that
I had about the anchor but it was in a
storm and the Lord basically said a
storm is coming and just remember I’m
your anchor that the body of Christ
needs to buckle up and tighten up a
storm is coming he said what’s what
been happening before I released that
word was not the storm it was the
lowland and the preparation for the
storm and that the storm was going to be
coming soon and so I released that word
now fast forward to today I was in my
prayer and devotion time and the Lord
gave me the vision again of the waves
just the waves no anchor just the waves
and I said okay God I said I said why
are you reminding me of the vision of
the waves and he said because the waves
are coming and I said okay what do you
need us to do because that’s what I
always do he will tell me just like I
did what the the storm is coming I said
okay God what do we need to do he said
buckle up and tighten up buckle up means
hold on the boats gonna rock and tighten
up me and save your pennies watch your
money spending and pay attention and be
careful during this time and so I
released that as you know my part of the
vision where the Lord was giving me the
answer to my question and so I asked him
about this vision I said Lord you gave
me this vision a while ago
and of just the waves and I’ve just been
kind of holding on to it and he said I
said so what do you need us to do so
what are we supposed to do and he said
get ready brace yourself and I said okay
I said I know what get ready means I
believe I know it get ready means and
and he said brace yourself so I looked
up the definition all different versions
of brace yourself and you guys should
know you know what this means I said
when something that’s gonna be
physically or mentally hard or a trial
or a shock or something that’s gonna
hurt Bay I mean this is my wordage hurt
your heart
break your heart scare you maybe for a
minute make you nervous and you need to
brace yourself you know hold yourself up
stay strong and it actually even says to
hold yourself as a wave comes as a water
wave comes and to brace your
and so I said okay god I said what are
we doing though he said you’re gonna get
ready you’re gonna brace yourself and I
said okay I said how how are we getting
ready and how are we bracing ourselves
and he said pure worship pure devotion
focused on prayer focus on spending time
with me he said he said the body of
Christ needs to go and into a time in a
place of pure worship and he said his
presence is the is the only thing that’s
gonna carry us through this and give us
the strength we need to brace ourselves
he said without his presence
we cannot brace ourselves and we need
his presence and he said his presence
will not come without worship and pure
worship and pure devotion and he said so
tell everyone that to get ready and to
brace themselves because the waves are
coming we’re coming into the storm now
the waves are coming they’re getting
ready to show up we need to get ready
and we need to brace ourselves and in
the midst of that we need to worship we
need to we need to go into a place of
sex wholehearted devotion and worship
like we never have before I felt like
that’s what he told me that the body of
Christ needs to get on their knees needs
to get on their faces and go into a
place of putting him first every morning
every night you need to you need to
worship Him you need to spend time with
him you need to welcome the Holy Spirit
to come and fill you and give you fresh
oil and to strengthen you he said that
is what is gonna carry the Christians
through those that have a relationship
with me they’re gonna make it through
this they’re gonna be fine I mean in the
sense that we will get knocked around
like when the storms coming we’re on the
boat we’re gonna get rocked we have to
buckle up but he said ultimately you can
get through this but the only way that
you can get ready for getting ready is
the worshiping the pure devotion
the focused on prayer the focus on God
literally he said focus on him and his
presence and worshiping him and allowing
him to fill you allowing his glory to
minister to you daily
he said not once a week not every now
and then when you remember he said daily
he said tell them to brace themselves
they have to get in my word they have to
worship daily they have to purely come
before me with a humble heart and let me
be their God he said I will give them
the strength to brace themselves so they
can make it through the waves keep their
head above water like in the dream our
heads were always above water
now I remember at one point it was up to
my neck and I was like the water was
here and I had enough room to breathe
and my whole face was not underwater I
could breathe and I remember looking at
the sky thinking to myself here it is
God’s doing it I didn’t feel afraid
though even though I was up to here in
water and it felt in real life it could
feel very scary to be up to here in
water but our heads were above water so
the Lord wants you to know your head
will be above water in the waves you can
trust him but not by chance they’re not
going to be above water by two of the
water by chance it’s gonna be by your
actions worship pure worship pure
devotion focus on prayer focus on him he
will give you the strength just to
sustain yourself through the waves and
keep your head above water and he said
he wants to do that
he he he is for us all this is happening
he’s preparing for end time harvest but
we have not been forgotten those that
serve Him and her faithful have not been
forgotten but it doesn’t mean we might
not get knocked around a little bit and
so the only way that we can brace
ourselves he said the only way we can do
that is with his strength
from his presence and his spirit and his
glory and that comes from pure worship
pure devotion putting him first
focusing on him loving him spending time
with him reading the word letting him be
your Lord and Savior every day every
moment you need to stay focused on Jesus
stay focused on him stay focused on
prayer praying for our nation praying
for what’s going on and he said you will
be able to keep your head above water
and so brace yourselves
he is saying get ready Body of Christ
brace yourselves with pure worship pure
devotion pure prayer a focus on him and
a focus on prayer we need to not get
distracted by all the stuff that the
enemy has caused but God is allowing and
see there there’s where people get
confused God is allowing a lot of this
he could have stopped it a long time ago
but he’s working and he’s gonna turn
everything for his glory
and so in the midst of that us
Christians have to do our part but we
can’t if we can’t stay strong and brace
ourselves we can’t do it in our own
strength we need his glory and his
presence and so I’m just letting you
know this morning that the Lord is
saying the waves are coming I already
told you a storm is coming the Lord
already said that the waves are coming
get ready brace yourselves
with pure worship pure devotion a focus
on prayer a focus on him and just let
his presence strengthen you let his
presence strengthen you well I’m gonna
pray really quickly for everyone
watching for fresh oil and fresh
strength and I’m gonna believe that
God’s gonna touch you where you are I’ve
done this for our staff we we came away
for this break to get a few days away
but I have released fresh oil over their
rooms I’ve released fresh strength for
what we’re going back to what we have
been mandated to do for our community to
love them and to just do the call of God
in that region
where we are called to for the church
part of my life and ministry and so let
me pray for you if you feel like you
need this fresh oil and you know you
need this strength and you’re gonna get
with it you’re gonna get ready you’re
gonna brace yourselves you’re gonna
worship you’re gonna pray
you’re gonna seek his face you’re gonna
have pure devotion and get on your face
and you’re ready I’m gonna pray for you
so what you lift your hands and I am
gonna release some fresh oil for you
right now
so get ready wherever you are lift your
hands facing the sky facing heaven to
receive and I’m gonna pray for you your
heavenly Father lord I pray over every
person watching every person that has
wondered if they’re going to make it
through this this pandemic through the
riots through the anger through the pain
and any other waves that are coming
because more is coming Lord but God I
pray over those who have been nervous
and fearful and maybe haven’t fully
understood what you’re doing lord I pray
that they would just get on their faces
before you that they would fall before
you in pure worship and allow you to
strengthen them and so Lord right now I
release fresh oil Lord I release fresh
oil right now over every person watching
I release fresh oil and strength for the
waves that are coming for them to brace
I release your glory to fill them now
touch them wherever they are Lord show
them that you are with them let them
feel your presence now I release a fresh
fresh anointing of strength over every
person watching in the name of Jesus
Christ amen
you guys are awesome I’m gonna go I have
a couple of other words I will be
getting out soon more prophesy over the
church as a whole and the times and
seasons that were in so be watching for
that but you guys are awesome have a
wonderful wonderful weekend and I pray
that your family is blessed and safe and
and I love you guys if
have any questions also any time I have
any word that I put out that’s on dreams
and visions I want to hear from you if
if you have a dream that you have I want
you to post it I’ll help you walk
through it the best I can if you have a
vision I want to talk to you about it if
you’re watching this and you’re
following our videos and and you’re
doing life with spirit move ministries
then you’re a part of the family and I
want to hear from you I love the
interaction my son since he was 12 he’s
had the gift of interpreting dreams it
he can just interpret dreams with that
he doesn’t have he didn’t have any
training it’s just a gift that God’s put
on his life of course he’s not 12 now
he’s older but I mean we love this this
is what we do we walk in the
supernatural so I would love to hear
from you and I will answer you the best
I can when I’m able to I don’t always
have time to answer but I will if I’m
able to also I don’t know where you’re
watching this but please go to my
youtube channel at spirit move
ministries and subscribe and then you
can post questions or dreams or visions
there and I would love to chat with you
about that what God’s been telling you
through this time and so you guys are
awesome have a wonderful wonderful
weekend and I will see you soon talk to
you soon


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