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Brace Yourself Its Going Down! – Caroline Diadem


Brace Yourself Its Going Down!

October 7, 2020
Caroline Diadem



Auto Generated Transcript
um hi everybody um i just wanted to
just jump on here quickly really and um
just speak to you um you know like last
night i was listening to a video and
i might put the link below okay an
apostle who was giving this same word
he was kind of preaching as well
actually a little bit but it was very
um about you know the coming darkness
and the coming nwo and so forth so forth
and i have to say you know i know the
lord’s given me many words about these
forthcoming events if you look along my
channel you’ll see many prophecies
some of which have already come coming
to pass right now
and when i was listening to this apostle
i mean the fear of god just really took
hold of me
and um i even now
i just feel shook you know shook
and because of the events that are
you know on this earth um you know
predominantly it’s coming to america
and then you know things is going to
just get bad for everybody basically
um you know so you know again i’m i’m i
i just have such a strong sense
of warning you know
of gloom of
kind of um doom
um you know of impending
judgment and calamity um
has gripped me since i watched this last
you know and it’s one thing to prophesy
and it’s one thing to deliver the words
of the lord
you know and i do fear god i do have a
reverence for god
you know that’s why i deliver his words
as he gives me them
and but then you know to listen to
somebody prophesying all the same things
really as the lord’s been giving to me
so strong confirmations left right and
center and it’s
all about us you know this if you are
listening to prophets
the true prophets of god you are hearing
about the impending new world order
you’re hearing about obama coming back
on the scene
you’re hearing about crippling
calamities that are coming
and first to america because um satan’s
plan is to take down america
and divide and conquer i mean america
has a lot
so many christians really more than any
other country
and and they’re kicking up i mean you my
but my a lot of my viewers are believers
that are
you know standing against what’s going
um so satan is is he’s his target is
it’s um babylon it’s mystery babylon in
the scriptures
um so he he wants to take down america
and then everything is going to come in
so fast look
you know things have been dawning on me
recently the money i mean
we’re being forced to use credit cards
now why are they doing that
um and i suspect it’s to completely
the cash from the system it makes sense
because i
actually felt like the lord was saying
showing me because i was there
being forced to use my credit card one
day and i was like why am i being forced
to use my credit card
and then i felt i felt in my spirit i
felt um the lord showing me
they’re withdrawing the cash from
they’re withdrawing our cash you know
so that was one thing you know there’s
lots of little things that the lord’s
triggering me in me for example
the vaccines why is trump not speaking
i feel like crying i feel
so um i feel
so upset i feel so you know
like you know it’s almost shocking that
this is going on around us
and you know we can’t even see it like
we’re not even coming together as
believers i mean i
i i hope you are in america because it’s
not happening here and i’m
you know it’s so upsetting but i’m
really making a push myself to
you know start really praying and
preparing because we are not
prepared like we are not prepared for
the calamities that are coming and the
doom is just there in front of us you
um i had to make this video because i
feel so
so alarmed i felt so alarmed since last
and i was glad that dana coverstone came
and began to prophesy he gave us
deadlines he gave us time
times he he was the first one to really
say this is now happening
it’s coming like we knew as prophets we
knew this was
we were coming into this but now we’ve
been given a time
deadline and a time skill and
still the christian churches are not
coming together though
not waking up we’re not praying and
seeking god’s face imagine like you know
we’re on
we’re on the midst of a precipice
and people are gonna die you know people
like it’s on it’s unbelievable to me
you know that these things are about to
happen that they’re just about to happen
another example is trump with the
i mean he’s promoting these bloody
vaccines i mean does anyone get that
how can trump be in jesus representative
on the earth he’s
no such man trump has been silenced on
every count in their return the man has
can no one see this i’m not even in
touch with the
regular news but can people not see
trump has been silenced he you know his
hands are tied
he’s not been able to make any progress
with the wall he’s not been able to
progress and so many things that he
wanted to do
now he’s spoiled speaking about vaccines
i mean you know it’s all is set up and
and the thing is
that satan is he’s laying his plans out
right in front of our faces
i mean that’s what he’s doing he’s rep
he’s already prepared the vaccine he’s
prepared the
f for id chip we all know this we even
know it’s patented by bill gates
we know 666 is there is the patent
if you research it and christians can’t
be bothered their heads researching this
you know um if we take this mark of the
beast the
bible clearly states in revelations 14
that we will be
condemned eternal
condemnation and no one is preaching
about this from the pulpits no one wants
to warn people
no one wants to even preach the gospel
and tell people they need to be saved
people need to be saved from this mark
that’s coming
no one’s talking about it i feel very
distressed i feel very alarmed
i was watching this video last night and
it made my heart
tremble no one’s trembling before the
no one fears god no one cares
that we are just on the precipice of
i mean like america will never be a
nation again can you
get that in your head that this is going
the lord already revealed to me that
he’s lifted his hands of protection
from the united states he’s he’s already
lifted his hand
that’s why these rights are starting to
break out that’s why
all these plots and plans of the enemy
are going
forward they’re going forward they’re
not going backwards they’re not staying
the same
here in ireland just the other day
the health minister wanted to shut us
down and lock us down again
in a level five lockdown which means you
can’t even go outside your house
and when that happened that alarm that
struck me because i thought this is what
he’s gonna do he’s gonna shut us all
he’s taking away our rights he’s taking
away our freedoms
you know this this um
pandemic is certainly a planned pandemic
zaps how could it not be
it’s fulfilling completely the plans of
why don’t we wake up and just even see
you know why would god allow this to
happen things would never happen like
even in the united states of america
your wake-up call was 9 11.
i mean god was speaking to 9 11 and
wake up i’m judging you because you’re
turning your back on me you’re throwing
out my word
you’re spitting in the face of almighty
and this is all of us i’m not talking
just about americans
americans have been taken out because
they are the strongest spiritually
of the nations in the world right now
and if america goes down every other
country goes down
i see that i recognize that and i
this is why the lord started to speak to
me about his judgment
judgments coming to america because when
they hit america
everything goes everything goes down
we are going to come in under the new
order where none of us can buy and sell
without that that microchip without that
that that the vaccines is going to lead
into the microchip
and then as christians we are finished
because we’ll be the first ones
that satan is going to terminate do
people even
register that do people read god’s word
do they
seek him do do people really
christians do you really seek god with
all your
heart i mean it’s a struggle i know it
it’s a struggle i mean
even from me i’ve been under attack too
like so many times it’s a struggle but
like we have to
we have to seek his face because he’s
the only one that we have
he’s the only one that we have you won’t
have your pastor
you don’t even have him now if you’re
going to tote lockdown
you’re not gonna have your pastor you’re
not gonna have
you know anybody else to look out for
you you’ve only got yourself
and you’ve only got your relationship
with jesus christ it’s gonna keep you
sane he’s only he’s the only one who’s
going to keep you
sane in these times you’re going to go
off your head
and i i just you know diana coverstone
was saying brace yourselves brace
brace yourselves and that is exactly
that is the message that is the
message right now is brace yourself
it is coming it’s coming
and the only thing that we can do right
is get on our face before god and repent
and ask him to fill us with the holy
ghost so much
that we can stand in faith in this
season that’s all we can do is the only
thing that we have right now
and you know i don’t like to make myself
vulnerable i don’t like to cry
you know it’s not a fun thing honestly
to cry in front of
you know the nations and i’m exposing
myself to the nations
doing this but this is so
strategic it’s such a strategic
time and
we’re not getting it we’re still not
getting it you know
um and we we just need to
we we just need to repent
and we need to ask god’s mercy to
intervene in this situation
and each one of us each one of us we
must get right with god
we’ve got to get right with the lord
because we will
we will fall by the wayside we will get
offended we’ll
we will get offended if you’re not
strong in the lord right now if you’re
not depending on him you’re gonna get
you’re gonna get offended and you’ll
fall away and how many are gonna take
these vaccines
they don’t even have any idea of what’s
happening behind the scenes
and you need to research it you need to
research what’s going on with the
vaccines and with the rfid chip it is
the mark of the beast
the lord gave me dreams and you can
check them out and he told me
two things were the mark of the beast he
told me it was
it was a mark and it was an rfid chip he
told me was two things
bill gates he’s talking about nano dots
it’s a tattoo and it’s an rfid chip
we need to be aware of these things and
start taking god seriously
listen god bless you all please be
praying please
please take everything so seriously it’s
coming down
it’s coming down and i just had to
you know just share this with you this
morning god bless you all


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