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Brace yourself For The Chaos To Come – Amanda White

Brace Yourself For The Chaos To Come

March 9, 2021 10:05 PM
Amanda White

Word from the Lord | Amanda White | 3.9.21 @ 9:37 AM

They say peace when there is no peace. They say equality when there is no equality. They say non-gender when I have clearly made two genders. They say black lives matter and white supremacists, but I tell you daughter, I made you all equal. They say all the vibrant colors in my rainbow symbolize their sin instead of my promises. They say this vaccine will save lives when I ultimately save lives. They say that I am not around and ‘Where is God?’ but I tell you daughter, I am right here- right around the corner, right outside the door, looking through the window- hidden in plain sight. They say, “I cannot find my Father in Heaven, can you?” But my precious little one, I say to you I AM RIGHT HERE WAITING! They say, “Father, tell me what to do- give me a sign!” But little one, I have given you several signs, yet you brush them off thinking they are but coincidences of this world.

Tell my children I hear their every prayer, their every cry, their every plea, and see every time they go to their knees. I am listening, your Sovereign King Who Reigns the Highest in Heaven and on Earth can hear you, see you, and feel the heaviness in your spirit as well as your heart. Tell my people it is I who is in charge- not man.

Tell them only I can fix this Biden catastrophe- not man. But I need them to know, dear daughter, a puppet indeed is all Biden is. Arrests are being made as the Liberals are being ruled by a Lying Spirit who tells them they are entitled to change my ways. Pray for them and this nation. The storm is getting stronger and the Biden administration, and all Satan worshippers, will feel my full wrath as I unleash my GREAT AWAKENING. Arrests will be made in the masses, all the major corruption exposed as those who are sleeping will finally take their blinders off their eyes and see the truth for the very first time in hundreds of decades.

They have been playing you all as foolish sheep who rise to their every whim, their every occasion. But I tell you daughter, the day is nearly upon us when justice will prevail. Follow the signs of the sun- not study in a satanic ritual- but just notice the weather changes I will bring upon this Earth. Then they will know that I am Yah!

Continue preparing- supplies for safety, shelter, water, food- these will all be beneficial for those in particularly hot and cold climates. Watch the hourglass as it strikes 12.

Oh what a treat it will be when the wicked falls to their knees. They yell, “Peace! Peace!” but tune into what they are truly saying. They are spouting out, “War! Lies!”. For that’s their ‘grand scheme’ just like cancel culture and oppression have been nagging at America. All they want is a dictatorship and war- which is exactly what the extremists are giving them, falling right into a trap. Playing right into their hands. But these satanic elitists will have nowhere to hide, the sun will be so bright!

Have faith in me, my children, and know that I am God. I alone will save you from the wickedness that is flooding the Earth like in the days of Noah. Get your ‘bunker’ ready and be prepared to hunker down. Brace yourself for the chaos to come as the spiritual and physical war climaxes. Hide in me alone, for I will protect you.

Jeremiah 6

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