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Brace for Impact – Karen Newberry

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Brace for Impact

January 11, 2023 7:42 AM
Karen Newberry

Received this word this morning around 7:09am 1/11/23 please take this to the Lord and pray about this

My people I have warned I have given mercy and grace
You refuse to repent come back to me
California the whole world has there eye on you
Let them see my hand of judgement move across you
Let your state be an example of what it’s like to turn your back on the OMEGA
I AM is showing his mighty hand against the wicked
Brace for impact
Those that have not repented, repent NOW
Before the storm hits your shores
Turn back to me oh, America for this is one of many to come
Do not provoke your GOD ALMIGHTY
warn those that are lost, warn those that are in unbelief
Warn them I come on thee like a theft in the night
Get right with me NOW my people
For you are not promised the next hour

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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